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Theo angry mobs storming the Capitol. Rifling through papers in the Senate chamber and of the hunt for officials alone Police officer urging the crowd to clear the chamber Jake Angeli, leaving an ominous note for vice president Pence. It's only a matter of time, the writers urging more violence. The FBI investigating whether a Pennsylvania woman who they say stole a laptop from Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office intended to sell it to Russia. The FBI issuing a report saying that some insurrectionists set up communication mechanisms in advance, using amateur radios and encrypted messaging applications like signal to communicate. Using masks to conceal ear pieces and microphones, the report clear there was pre planning involved in the riots. New details also about the threat to political leaders during the riots, a witness alleging in an affidavit that Dominic Pa's Ola also discussed how he and others would have murdered House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. And vice President Mike Pence if they had gotten the chance in court papers and interviews. At least four pro Trump rioters have said they joined the march that spiraled into violence in part because the president encouraged them to do so. How serious is our country? Gonna take domestic white extremism? Um And I think what we saw here last week is that we didn't take it seriously enough. Already. It's state capitals across the country. Small protests mostly peaceful, but in Lansing, Michigan, a confrontation Michigan National Guard troops and state police coming face to face with more than 100..

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