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Former nfl coach eric mangini mike erica morning back a while where's your stay though partner he's he's in the green room they wanna bring him out with me to rob parker on a friday going to the weekend cover skip a start with you on the patients taken the setback this off season coachman jeannie you obviously know bill check very well you coached under him worked with him for number of years you've had your issues with them i have now a big issue with them you're probably gonna tell me i'm out of my mind but i'm going to throw all of this at you and you react to this please i do not any longer trust built bella checks motives when it comes to tom brady because bill belichick clearly wanted tom brady out after last season according to the espn report bill belichick was ordered by robert kraft to trade jimmy garoppolo bell checks diamond in the rough from the second round who was right on schedule to take over this football team as a starting quarterback this coming football season and bill check said okay watch this this is my take on it and he gave away jimmy garoppolo for a second round draft choice he just got the point you made yesterday he got for brandin cooks got a late i right yep so we gave away jimmy garoppolo and we saw jimmy did down the stretch for the forty niners he was pretty great.

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