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Homicide of the year this morning. Keep it here on WTO for full details in the minutes ahead. It's ten 48. Traffic and weather on the 8s here's Mary de pampa in the traffic center. All righty, thanks, John. We're going to start out in Virginia and also thanks to our listing listeners keeping us updated in here if you're traveling interstate 95 in Virginia. You'll hit the break south of Springfield interchange and stretches newington lord and across the purport bridge at the aqua Quan, all volume reported there. And then dumfries into Quantico. Again, volume. But you will hit the brakes hard before you get to the courthouse road ex at one 40, our friend Robbie went past exit one 40 to about mile marker 39 ceased to crash landing on both shoulders traveling open, but that's the hefty delay. Now that's also the breakaway point. Northbound, you've got some volume building through Fredericksburg passing route three, and now with the easy pass express lanes pointed southbound, we'll see more volume through staffer county as well. Triangle, dumfries. And again, Dale City to woodbridge and newington all volume in the northbound direction. Three 95 as you run north, taking the exit to seminary road with caution on seminary road west just over top of three 95. That's a crash they were blocking the left flame. The only incident on the beltway remaining as in Virginia, the interlude slows in annandale getting past two 36 little river turnpike crash there was along the right side. George Washington Parkway in both directions scheduled to work and both ways between one 23 and the beltway, a single right lane is going to get you by. There is a delay building in both directions on the Maryland side interstate travel doing well just a reminder that four 50 is remaining closed in Annapolis between crownsville road and windermere court emergency utility work. Get your home ready to celebrate the new year at Ashley new year's sales event and that's 25% off all Ashley living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, visit ash home stores online for the Ashley store nearest you marrying the pump at WTO traffic. And storm team fours Mike's dinner, it looks like we have a pretty great day taking shape here. We do, it's hard to believe that just a week ago at this time we were dealing with a flash freeze and winds gusting over 60 miles an hour. Nothing like that

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