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The Notre Dame radio network. One of four touchdown passes on the night for Ian book as the eighth ranked fighting Irish pull away from number seven Stanford thirty eight seventeen elsewhere number four Ohio State rally past ninth ranked Penn State twenty seven twenty six with under seven minutes remaining, Dwayne Haskins got the buckeyes within five and a forty seven yard touchdown pass to Benjamin. Victor would just over two minutes. Left to play Haskins gave the buckeyes the lead with a twenty four yard touchdown pass to K J hill. Elsewhere LSU had an easy time with all miss forty five. Sixteen eleven rank Washington disposed to number twenty BYU thirty five seven Michigan and race to seventeen point second quarter deficit with a twenty to seventeen win at northwestern in talking proof defining over the twenty four ten victory over South Carolina, Florida took down Mississippi State, thirteenth six months and avoided. A big big upset at home for the twenty seven twenty three win over Syracuse, Alabama. No problems with Louisiana, Lafayette, fifty six fourteen Oklahoma wrecked. Baylor sixty six thirty three Virginia Tech bounced. Twenty to thirty one fourteen. Frank West Virginia took down number twenty five Texas Tech forty to thirty four will Greer had three hundred seventy yards passing in three scores. Auburn Trump's other miss twenty four thirteen Georgia Tennessee, thirty eight twelve central Florida's smoke. Forty five fourteen running the nation's longest winning streak to seventeen Michigan state took care of central Michigan. Thirty one twenty in Texas held off Kansas state, nineteen fourteen taking a look at baseball's playoff picture of the Rockies in dodgers are tied for first in the west Rockies lost to the NATs twelve to dodger secured their sixth straight postseason berth. Ten six win over the giants and the dodgers win eliminated. The cardinals who took down the cubs did one the brewers edge. The Tigers six five as Milwaukee pulls into a first-place tie with Chicago atop the central. I'm John Fass. This is Jim Rome. The biggest names in sports are talking to me weekdays from twelve to three eastern exclusively on CBS sports radio. I'm.

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