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Plus Fredericksburg line trains 303 or seven will resume on Monday. January 4th Jack Taylor. W T o P. Traffic a wet, not a white Christmas. Let's check in now live with storm team for meteorologist Matt Ritter. That's true, Christopher. We've got some showers moving through the area right now, Things are gonna be pretty light this morning with temperatures in the low to mid forties. Right now. Most of the showers are in Virginia, just outside the Beltway on the West side and moving through parts of northern Maryland as well. But as we head into the afternoon, the flash flood watch well technically start at one PM, and the showers will turn into periods of soaking rain heavy At times, We could pick up a good institute inches of rain in a short period to find that could cause some flash flooding. It's also a storm T for weather alert Day and what else could happen today? Oh yes, it's also could become windy and unseasonably warm temperatures going to soar into the upper fifties in the northwest suburbs into the low to mid sixties elsewhere. And those conditions will last all anything up until almost midnight. Rain heavy at times with even a possible thunderstorm and still windy and warm and temperatures will hold near 60. Now after midnight, and before tomorrow morning, a strong cold front associate with the storm system will start to move through. The rain will come to an end is a period of some flurries in it'll turn sharply colder and less humid, too. Temperatures could plummet almost 20 to 30 degrees before Christmas morning. And tomorrow during the day, it'll be blustery and cold. Mr Clouds and Sunshine will have some scattered flurries. Temperatures will continue to slide through the thirties will have windshields in the teens tomorrow is not gonna feel anything like today and Saturday, Mostly sunny, not quite as Wendy was still brisk and cold, high temperature is gonna be the low to mid thirties Sunday. Partly sunny, brisk in Chile, mid thirties, a low forties. 43 right now, in all the 50 or 42, rather in Beltsville and 45 on the National Mall in Washington, Man Thank you. Which 43 degrees Outside the W. T. O P studios and friendship Lights and 6 51 Federal agents have arrested a man accused of threatening to kill a member of Congress from Maryland earlier this month. If Lawmaker tried to quote mess.

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