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Oh yeah if charlotte those johnson a movie platz i've seen every johnson they figure out the right role for charlotte she's like her her husband gets killed and she gets revenge but then it turns out her husband's been alive all along and he's a bad guy and he faked his death and now she has the kill everybody i'm ready charlotte flare just gave you the movie fantastic i'm sorta around on this like dead or alive and i never give them real russell title so it could be anything the furthest some sort of fighting slash yeah sure the flare make the movie i just gave it to you can have it yeah we're we're going to edit that out so i can write the script tonight also raw women's championship match ejects for alexa bliss i love ny jack's they've been using her a lot to put over other people's she won the title at wrestlemainia which is weird and not and i mean like make other baby face women like you know stand with them and raise their hands in victory it's been kind of odd that jax is awesome yet another reason why thinks mac dance she'd been all women show and it hurt my feelings when who is the wrestler who made fun of that she was fat alexa bliss that hurt my feelings yeah i didn't like it i didn't like body shaming alexis just got implants by the way i like where her careers going alexis alexis i don't think they're new but alexa alexis alexis body shaming and and an end like in reverse bullying is sort of like like going is like the old he'll tactic of going racist you know i mean yeah it's like so over the top as far as you can go right now because as you said you can't be racist anymore not never have the adorable adrian a dana's gay bashing.

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