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Going off a bit in Boston right now. At 4 30, We're down to 66 degrees a couple of clouds in the city. Nice breeze coming in from the Northeast. This portion of the news brought to us by window world of Boston. Good afternoon. I'm Nicole Davis. Here's what's happening. Former superintendent and medical director at the Holyoke Soldiers home now both facing criminal charges in the deaths of dozens of vets from Cove in 19 get details from W. B. C's Karen Regal to know that they died under the most horrific circumstances. Is truly shocking. Attorney General Mara Hilly announced. Bennett Walsh in Dr David Clinton are facing multiple charges of criminal neglect after two wards were combined allegedly with no regard to covert 19 status were alleging that Walsh and Clinton were ultimately responsible for a decision on March 27th that led to tragic and deadly results. 76 veterans died Karen Regal W. B Z Boston's news radio Now today, members of the Holy Oak Soldiers Home Coalition put out a statement in response to this, saying Today's announcement causes them to take a step back and reflect on what happened to their loved ones. They urged the state to move forward and make sure this never happens again to another veteran. They say they hope the state will build a new soldiers home and holy Ghost. Holyoke. Rather, that will be a lasting memorial to those who have died. For 31 in Kentucky today. The family attorney for Briana Taylor said the state's attorney general has to release the grand grand jury transcripts in her case, Ben Crump says people need to know if Taylor was in his words given a voice in the decision. Grand jury did not charge any of the officers involved in her death with murder. One officer was charged with wanton endangerment for firing into nearby homes. During the raid. Last night, demonstrators took to the streets again in Louisville. But ABC is Jim Ryan reports. There wasn't as much violence or there once and there weren't as many arrests. About two dozen people were taken into custody on Thursday into Friday, far fewer than the 127 arrested on Wednesday.

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