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They have the name brands that you wants Emerson is one of them I know they have there SO lighting band specialists you go in there and say I need a fan for this particular room this is the size they will point you in the direction the perfect fan for you and they have all been fans for your living room your bedrooms your patio your indoor outdoor don't matter they had a fan for my parents they have this little cut out near in their home my mom's a gets hot in the kitchen it's just terrible I need a fan they this little area will cut out and they're dispel these little little blades but it works perfectly and it creates so much airframe moves the air and I only found it is some lighting they have a kind of fans that you could well you forget about the brass chain and crap like that I mean a contemporary modern once about a technologically advanced fan during the remote anymore you just going to say Alexa turn on the fan medium speed home don just like that you wanna get those great fans this is the best time of the year to buy cheapest prices go to some lighting breadwinners once allied dot com yes yes yes hi it's your morning ritual with me Gary Lewis good to be back Tennessee I am seven ninety two sons most stimulating talk I mean I have work to do I was on Long Island vacation gained about five pounds loved every bite doing it by the way can't tell really yeah really interesting my wife can tell the cold like you three months pregnant again and she's brutal training is the real bad she's she's body shaming me a double standard by the way you can do that to a wife here we go again yeah really well you can camp yes you'll be dead our anyway three things I think you lead with Russia's if I do every night house upon the beds what happens three things I think you need to know number one alley Miller told us that yeah Downey huckleberry is one five in a thirty grand and it's not nearly enough money to turn the juvenile detention facility into a housing shelter for illegal alien migrants he has a parking lot that he wants to build but in put down the cost for that I in there gonna vote on this on Monday and yet in Kirkpatrick here's in cinema Martha make Sally they're all silent second thing I think you would need to know it's about time we call Megan's brown nationalists because they're against illegal immigration that's right they want the illegal immigrants out of may because they want deported because they if they think they lose their jobs the they say these migrants take our jobs and our benefits medevac I even have I think I have a sound bites of them doing that matter of fact just give me a second yeah hang on this is what the Americans had to say yeah there you go third thing just like that he did it at that we have an accident is a make an accent right there that's exactly what that is and may he can access it from Mexico maybe I'm make may be third thing I think you need to know I'm a Brooklyn accent the third thing I think you need to know is that it's trump didn't give a crap which is what I love about him he still double down yesterday Israeli North Carolina said if they don't like you know what the big deal is you can go all the hate America so much go somewhere else many places to go many places to go in the media's all fired up that they did the sent her home chance I mean give me a freaking break you get a tribe called a racist anti semitic everything over and over and over again and there's dance okay this one all that's it this is a terrible this is why the media nobody watches anymore nobody watches knowing nobody cares about them three things at least compared with the Houston three things I think you need to know now I also have my page if you missed it a non political story even though it is kind of political for what's going on today you should go there on my Facebook page Facebook dot com slash Gary Lewis radio like and follow it Colorado State University has it won a white you know college is expensive and the reasons they have I mean you have it if you have AA they still have those to ask clowns are there that are part of what it did the ouch oops people exist Trevino what is their exact all I got a what is your exact title again inclusion diversity expert or something like that it's something like that yes a sister it they get paid a combined for twenty nine grand what the heck is there why am I yeah okay the does the diversity officer is that what it is yet inclusive excellence that's what a yes is it Hey suse Trevino I believe you still there he's a senior diversity officer the UV rays on that said what a whole big thing ouch groups of students offended by something in class they should say ouch and the student that's talking the did the offending statement the rows of say oops they would talk about what they just set he and some check you get paid sooner fourteen ran the tickets to under fifteen grand that's one of the reasons not going to Colorado State University well what's the matter nothing can beat you keep even right inclusive excellence that's what this guy is he is he is the vice provost reclusive excellence in senior diversity officer office for diversity and inclusive excellence reclusive excellent initial now it's not inclusive or we more like Ricky Bobby yes we urinate excellence every morning exactly excellent it's kind of weird excellent it is okay though so anyway Colorado the university they are telling their their their students they have a thing called I'm not making this up inclusive language guide created by the school's inclusive communications task force inclusive I'd like to exclude that word includes about the way they have lists of phrases and words to not use some of the words American don't you dare say American why not inclusive it's not a number can you imagine if somebody may go is like you know what we shouldn't say may he can not inclusive where's the pride where is it right come on enough is enough this is just stupid stories my Facebook page Facebook dot com slash garrulous radio don't say straight because gonna make somebody that's L. G. B. T. feel weird there they say if you say straight in applies anyone L. G. B. T. is cricket what's don't say normal implies that people are either in not normal what the hell you talking about don't say cake walk don't say war don't say starving what the hell can you say what I want to listen to what you have to say I don't care so abnormal we not we can't say anything just just you better better just look at them and be like China North Korea say what can I say and they say yes we fight finally worked with broken you said you had stories on my page America is not inclusive the word the word itself so enjoy that yeah so we have that we also let's get to this this story right here this is but this is the best this is the best I'm and maybe we need to hear from somebody that is a an American a man he can dissent where somebody that's from he cone is is here whatever is it okay to call you a brown nationalist because exactly what your no we want to I want a border wall I like trump somehow that makes me a white nationals which by the way is that racist it does make a white supremacist if you love your country it is what it is right Ryan you because of a brown nationals actually long time ago yeah before America exactly so The Washington Post and something called Reforma that's a daily newspaper may he co did a survey of the bar yeah well that's different I'm it says here in the Washington post many cans are deeply frustrated with immigrants after your pipe migration from Central America through their country more than six in ten Americans say migrants are a burden on their country because they take jobs and benefits that should belong to Americans yeah yes Wilmington's no those are those are you can hear the make an accent and the five percent majority supports deporting my green to travel through may go to reach America they're looking out for their own people isn't that brown nationalism what a what a Holocaust there they wanna bring that baby that trump right we've seen this uprising before that's what they tell us the Dallas we play Donnie Deutsche Bank earlier he warned us that it might be another Holocaust of trump gets his way and says it would be talking about I love this those findings with the washing pose for those findings defy the perception that may he co a country that is sent millions of its own migrants to the US sending billions of dollars in remittances yeah is sympathetic to the surge of central Americans it defies the perception that may echo is sympathetic know who've made by the way made that that case who actually put out there that may go the people there are sympathetic the media I never Alaina they wanted us to believe that we've only so much we played from Megan's what they actually say we don't like what's going on here member until one of the one thing they're trying to get out here so all of a sudden wash opposes surprised all my god these findings to fight the perception that many co is sympathetic it defies that I was instead the data suggests Mexicans have turned against the migrants transgender their own country expressing antipathy that would be familiar to many supporters of president trump north of the border what's you're kidding me right show up the socialist president there Lopez Obrador right agreed to work with trump sticks holding off the tens of thousands of National Guard on the southern border put them on the northern border stopping going across there he's got a seventy percent approval rating in Mexico think about that seventy percent approval rating may go trucks got seven percent approval in many go this this is really incredible stuff and you think maybe just maybe the media should sit back and say Hey wait a second the Megan's organs illegal immigrants but they don't want you to know that maybe they did an actual store like if there was a thing which it may cause like bring them on in come on in well because they be a be a big story but they don't want you to think it's okay see all the media wants you to believe immediately that everybody else to believe that you as a trump supporter in me is a trump supporter we're racists we're going to legal immigration it's because we aren't we only want white people hear something like that make America great again it means only white bring white back that's it.

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