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You could catch Chris on net. Flicks on comedians of the world. What another a was thirty minutes. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Terrific thirty minutes set. And if you wanna catch this beautiful man on tour, go to crystalise dot com slash tour. Now before we get into anything, Chris. And I welcome back. And thank you for being for having me back. There's something that I think is urgent need to show you. So this is a trailer from two thousand and three for movie called tip toes. Okay. All right. And it's gum already in. And so it starring Matthew, mcconaughey. Gary Oldman Peter Dink lidge. Kate Beck and sell. This is a powerhouse our power but back then they were big to right for sure. Suffer heater glitch because that was forgiven runs. Right. He was not big now. But he's a big now either is he's not big now INSERM ways. But in other ways. He's us. All right, cool. So here we go this year. Was right there. Now, I don't know if you ready for what you're about to seek, and I was in the first time I've pretty much game for anything McConnell as then. You be the judge. Israel and Stevens life together was perfect. Going right. The second. Maybe. And there's one small. I'm his brother we twins chance. It can tear them apart. I think you're gonna let me know that everyone in your pants amid. Not minutes. Carol. This is real. Gary oldman. Yes, I'm Steven. You are. This is Stephen father Bruno MS Malone, Kathleen at over behind the bars students, brother Ralph. He.

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