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Look. Look all you need is like a A. A can't Ollie. Pop and boxing matches and you can make it happen crane ice ice I'm so down with that if you need a filler recommendation. My would ask her last week. Have a very bad recommendation of woman who an Armenian woman who came to my house with a rolling backpack. My mom found the super weird like network of cheap Persian. Lady friends. And she yeah, she gave me fillers in my house and I paid her in cash. So do not ask me for a recommendation because I don't want to give you her and she is. Amazing A. How are you? I'm curious. How are you feeling about turning forty? Are you feeling great and energized? Are you feeling down at all like it does seem like that's a pretty big monumental moment for in your having it in this pandemic like how is that? Yeah, you know I had had a plan to have a big party and you know I was feeling really good about it because I I feel like I'm the kind of person who was made to be forty, fifty, sixty seventy wasn't really made to be a young person but it's definitely harder at you know when you can't really share things with people and you can't I mean as it is. It's hard for me as somebody who lives in Los Angeles and is so engaged with the film industry because the film industry is just like completely shop stopped showing aging looks like so I'm like the only forty year old who looks forty in anywhere near where I live. But I was okay with that and I was you know I, think I was kind of excited to own that and now I'm just you know I. You know I feel fine about it but I'm just so bored. I. Know. Well, that's how I feel like I. I. For some reason like clothing matters so much more to me in quarantine that it ever did before like clothing I'm wearing like colored hair shrimps in my hair like I just it's like I need that excitement that like a rush need jolt of like Oh look good in the mirror like I know what you mean because before I didn't care about clothes and now I'm like obsessed with them it's weird. Now you're now you're a clothing manufacturer. That's true. That is true. I did jump in the industry right at the defense starting a clothing line for some reason. I because I I can't just like things I have to like completely make them my business. Sorry. Carolina. We're going to say. I was just going to say. I'm going to zoom writer's room and I have to admit like you would think that I'd be looking at my coworkers are. Making eye contact with people but I'm making eye contact with a three inch by one inch square of my own face looking back at me, and I'm like in this feedback loop with myself and I'm dislike. Nodding at. Myself. Think that like fifty percent of their reason why zoom is so stressful is because you're constantly looking at yourself in pretending that you're not looking at yourself and you're like trying to look at yourself and make sure you look okay in a way where nobody will really know that you're only looking at yourself. I wonder I'm always wondering if people can tell. That I'm just because they're. Less fully. Oh God. It's so dark and and okay do you have like a zoom makeup approach I'm always so curious to hear what people's zoom makeup routine Latinas. I so I've been doing what I call like no makeup make for Zoom, which is of course a lot but I mean, it's basically a use the This is actually from my last four hour trip before. So foreclosed I got the Ilia beauty tint stuff. which is for me it's the closest match to my actual skin care of any foundation or skin tone of any foundation I've ever seen and it is sort of just kind of translucent and so it it provides full coverage, but it doesn't look like it's full coverage and so that's been really valuable but you do have to put powder on top of it. If you're going to be on zoom because otherwise your face just looks wet. And so there's like a powder situation on top of that, and then I have to fill in my eyebrows and I have to use Mascara which is something I wanted to talk to you guys about because I'm just having a really hard time finding a Mascara that lasts all day and is like not underneath my eyes by four o'clock zoom. I know what you mean like I. I wonder if that's just a thing of of it being so hot al because I'm having that same issue. I've noticed that my glossiest lash. Lick will. Will last me have sometimes it'll be a little flakes below like at the end of the. Afternoon. But I don't have the perfect answer for that like I kind of need that to Carolina. What about you? I have thoughts, ladies Okay. Good. Okay. First Question Corinna are you using a waterproof? Mascara or are you avoiding those like where do you stand on Waterproof Mascara? I'm fine with them and I mean I I used mailing great lash for a really long time but it just kind of stopped working for me like it seems like the older I get like maybe maybe it's just that I'm using more powerful ice creams or something, but it just seems like I can't keep Mascara on my eyelashes. It's just always bleeding underneath the best one that I've been using recently is from milk it's I forget which one it is, but it's in the sort of Turquoise tube water that Kush Yeah even that doesn't last all day for me Okay. My recommendation for you is going to be the there's this cult classic Mascara from the drugstore it's called essence lash princess. I got false false lash effect Mascara and they have a waterproof variety. This is like truly a cult favorite people swear by it for short lashes. For like. Let's say problem lashes. Let's just leave it at that me ball. It's like it's looks. Looks like Chintzy almost it has like such poor graphic design. They sell it at CBS but this Mascara is great. It's five dollars people absolutely love it. And then I wanNA. Give shout to the mask air that's blowing up on Tiktok and it's one of my favorite Mariah's. Yes, tick a tick tock makeup find, and it's the drugstore duke for Gosh Glossy Lash like in my opinion, it's L'OREAL telescopic nick comes in this like long silver it looks it looks like. It looks like the kind of Dildo they'd prescribed to an old Hollywood actress in a sanitarium for like having a rod erotic mania or something like that. It's a long silver to. And I tried to tie it into credence interests and. I tried yeah. I tried like you can't say didn't try and it has and has a very. Like you know how the glossy lash like brush has, it's not like a typical Mascara, brush. It's like very small in plastic and it really separates your lashes. It has that kind of has that kind of brush. So yeah, those are my two rex. I really do swear by this essence waterproof lash princess I think you should check it out Creena and it's only six dollars so. You know I have to lose what do you have to lose except you do have to maybe set foot in a CBS and put your life on the line but I'm sure you could find it online I mean.

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