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Podcast with Paul Sweeney and Matt Miller Are there some sectors that you want to have more or less exposure to We've got to vaccinate the whole world analysis of the days Wall Street actions What's the thought on apple here for the Bloomberg and diligence Bloomberg opinion and influential newsmakers The bond market was the boss Bloomberg markets with all Sweeney and met Miller Subscribe today at Bloomberg radio dot com The Bloomberg business app or iTunes Olympus has seen its fortunes turns in 2019 That's when the CEO yasuo tachi joins and hedge fund value act persuaded the company to accept its director nomination Since then the world's leading maker of endoscopes has seen its shares doubling a rare win for activism in Japan We spoke tutaki about his plans for the future As far as our business in the Ukraine and the Russia is concerned the first of all we are and will continue providing our service to those areas because the people in those area regardless the place they are deserved to receive any type of the medical and the surgical support that we can provide to them Since you took over the top management roles three years has passed and you have announced that you want to make a link into a global leading med tech company and I think then you have been sold the camera business and also spending after incentive solution business at this April I wonder how this move helped you to achieve the goal In 2019 when we were discussing about the establishing a corporate strategy my theme is again how to maximize our corporate value And so therefore how to change this company in one direction as a one team We had very much separate goals for the microscope area and scientific solutions area and consumer camera and medical endoscope area And those cultures are quite different because there was no business synergy or business relations or those But technology is a very much found foundation And coming from the original place Competency And how to maximize the corporate value again The changing the culture is essence To focus on the medical business we are how can I say very much technology in the company But now we have to become more business oriented company more like a broader sense of customer centric company For medical the purposes You also have two member accepted members from value act an activist fund from outside on your board I wonder whether those addition has helped you to transform your company's culture Yes One of my specific actions that I have taken is to increase the diversity This.

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