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Dog. We call it death at play. It's really bad. For those of you listening at home Jaffna is a four legged dog. The painting is of a one legged dog. You know, we all have our talents. Anyway. But this was I swear this. This is about my mom and her siblings. So. Things got tensor between my mom and her siblings as my grandfather was aging and getting closer to the end of his life in my grandpa had a a habit of giving everything away. You would like sit on a chair, and he'd say like or are you comfortable and you'd say, yes, thank you. And he'd say do you want to take the chair, and like I was just saying I was comfortable, but things were disappearing from his house so much that my mom and her siblings. Agreed. Like, none of us are going to take anything from puppets house until after he's passed away. And we'll we'll figure out what to do with the stuff that my mom. My mom was his main caretaker toward the end of his life. And so she was there almost every day. And she went to visit him one day in a painting was missing from the wall in his bedroom. And it was very easy to tell. Because my grandfather had I wonder if any of you had eastern European Jewish grandparents, but there's a talent talent of hanging as many paintings on a wall that is cubic possible. And so if one goes missing, it's very obvious because you're like, I didn't know there was wallpaper on that. Wall in that moment, and this really wait on my mom 'cause like day after day. She would go in. There was this like empty wall. And she called her sister and said, can you bring the painting back like we? Agreed. My aunt said, no. And just really it was it was difficult for my mom and one day perfect. David texts me and says. Re missing painting solve it. Why did you do you like shut up at our ams house with like you're shining? Halo. And you're like box of chocolates in your flowers, and you somehow convinced her to return the painting, and he wrote back. Nope. Better than this photo. Again, for those of you who listening at home, he decided to make very generous donation of the great piece of our death at play. To my grandfather's wall. The amazing thing about this to me was that it worked, and again, you can ask why moment to the show. But I really do think it worked charmed her delighted her that her son had a sense of humor about his own failures. And she had raised children who could delight in these things even when she had such a difficult relationship with her brother and sister. And so I'm interested in talking to you about that tonight casper because I think that we see her mining take a real failure with SAP w and turn it into a success with Dumbledore army. And I think we see a lot of failures that changed into successes in this chapter. So that is my story, and you can go to Harry Potter sacred tax slash staff at play dot com in order to see this. If you're listening. Sorry, david. It is a remarkable piece of. But I love that that sometimes making the thing that we thought was a failure really visible and putting it in a different context where it can live a something that's joyful and life giving. Yeah. I look forward to digging into the text before you do that though. Are you ready to fail at a thirty? Second rica. Came to me belong to perfect. Are you ready? I'm ready. Yeah. Hey wanna count them in? Yeah. Account you in on your Mark get set go so chums apparently is the perfect time to debrief difficult conversation, then as a quits with rain, and so are we seeing the thing? And then they impose us the room faces which apparently works well to keep the rain off. And then he's falling asleep because he's doing potions homework. And like, hey, let me tell you about the room of requirement. And then they go and practice the first session, which is named by take of wonderful women. For you. I just I left you some things to Cup. That was really I'm very proud of you. Okay. You win three to one. We get to see Ron play quidditch, which is very exciting. We get. Harry's scar hurts, and he gets greasy inside Vollmer's brain or Jimmy trying to manipulate Gary. We don't know. And then. Yeah, Dhabi finds out about the tells Harry about the requirement and remind us like I don't trust, AVI. But then she's like oh Dumbledore set. So okay. And then so they use a room requirement and show try support with Harry, but everyone is always getting in their way. And the here's a pretty good teacher. Very. Anymore?

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