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President john falco now she escaped those pitfalls of incumbency. We've had all these examples spicer romay. ot can Even kim genie. Why why did she survive. What feels like a little bit of an incumbent curse this year. Oh we'll just her. I mean there are several mayors like yes we have framingham in gloucester where things didn't look right for the incumbents last night. But then you do have races in medford in salem in brockton. Even to an extent newton though i think the margin was smaller. Where You know where these mayors did get through and some of it has to do you know by pretty wide margins You know beat beat their challenges even in just the preliminary elections I think some of it is It covert hit differently city by city And each city has their own unique issues that existed before cove it and ones that were exacerbated by kovic and. i think that you're seeing those dynamics. Play out You know differently in different cities just because you know even if they share a border new to cities or like and the pandemic affected each one very differently. So let's stay on that margins Question and you. You just made a comment there about it. In some wide margins in some races you were also talking earlier about how in somerville the third place finisher was really quite close to making those top two in the top to the top. Two were separated by only about three hundred votes in lynn michael sadder white. Who didn't make the cut was only about three hundred votes out of the running there. I noticed fewer than three hundred votes separated andrea campbell. In kim janey in boston even though they both lagged in isa's ib george by closer to three thousand votes. Chris that makes me think back to two years ago. When in boston councilor at large. Julia mahia edged out. Ellie hundred saint yan by one vote so votes matter in these local races. How good are the turn. Get out the vote engines and are there lessons out of this preliminary about the importance of getting people to the polls. I think people had hoped ends I will bring this back to boston for a bet that you know. People had hoped really for a higher. Turn out in the turnout in boston. For instance ended up being lower than in the last open seat race in two thousand thirteen. So i think people are thinking a lot today about turnout about get out the vote efforts. About what more they can do. I mean it's it's gotta be painful for some of these people to lose by so few votes In tino that to know that just a few more could have made the difference of so..

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