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Like you said it's what you kinda gotta do. And yeah i look back now and the first the from last deployment to ramadi. We got home we were. We were pretty What's a good word here. We're pretty wild. When we got back we were pretty wild but we got back and and but you know we kept it under you know we kept. We look out for each other major that we were wild without doing anything. That's gonna cause irreparable damage or cause some kind of major significant problem. But we were definitely wild. I mean there's no doubt about it and then you know. I don't know if it was maybe six months. Maybe a year or something like that you know we started getting back to kind of just doing what we were doing a little bit more normal. But yeah we're we're pretty wild. Got back. well you know if mall excuse was laws. Well you've got pretty drunk lash aviator yeah we we had some we all kind a bunch of lived in to kind of the same area to same little neighborhood. So yeah we'd go out we'd meet up and we'd go. We'd go pretty hard. I think i think for me i'm still at it. It's amazing the older. I get now and i'll be seventy six in august. The the memories become more vivid now. i dream about this more I'm hearing from people. We have our own common show website and You can tell by the comments that lam son seven one nine had a major major psychological impact on our guys and there were some guys. That measure thomas service hours. Oh i came after seven one more. I left just before seven one nine. So see that similar nama became an anchor to describe where one was at one. Time flon with the common shares And when when. Matt call me up and asked me what i do. Some collaboration on this book in some ways. I was plays in some ways of a little frightened to bring up the experiences and i'll be perfectly honest. I had a lot of anxiety coming here today. though i have read this book number of times red daunted valor seven when non quite a few times of earmarked it I read after action reports on it that that hopefully mad and he did he had some of these After action reports that he took his data from but still sitting here. Now and talking about it with you and you weren't there. I can talk about somebody that was there and but and not have anxiety. But you weren't there and often wonder i'm telling you this but what are you actually hearing 'cause you weren't there and you can tell me about what you did and i can listen to it but i wasn't there and so there's a difference the yeah. There's there's always gonna be a little gap or a big gap depending on you know the person's experiences and what one thing i think is interesting about you. Know when you start talking about coming home and what you're going through. I think the one thing. That's good is if people actually understand what they're feeling a little bit and i remember like you get a new guy that's overseas and i'd look at a new guy that's overseas you can tell they're nervous right and you know to say something like hey man. You're you know that feeling you get in your stomach and you try not to tell you then they admit to it and i go. Yeah you're just nervous at your at your body getting ready to go fight. It's totally normal. That's what you should feel like and they'd be like. Oh okay oh you. Oh by the way. You won't be able to sleep tonight. 'cause we got a operation tomorrow. You're not gonna sleep tonight so that's the it is. Don't worry about it and same thing coming home. You know it's like oh oh you're going to get you're gonna get sad sometimes doesn't mean you're week doesn't mean you're trapped in the past. It just means you miss your friends and that's okay and so if you are thinking about something and it and it makes you cry. Yeah that's what that's what happens. you know. yeah that's the way it is. And i think if people understand that that that's that that's normal then they're all okay. Well that's that's just what's going to happen. It's okay and i think what people don't think it's normal and all of a sudden they think i can't control my emotions or i'm scared i'm sad. I shouldn't be sad. And i shouldn't be scared. It's like no time nobile. That's just the way it is. You do your job. You know you're going to be scared. You got the you got the queasy stomach. You can't sleep at night okay. Cool yeah guess. What a bunch of other guys. It's not sleeping tonight either. Nobile nobody deal. Oh you get home you. You're gonna feel sad you're gonna miss your friends. Yeah we all miss them. That's the way it is that that's okay and i think that helps people out a lot to be able to just say okay. What i'm feeling is not an isolated thing. It's just the way human beings process the the tough experiences that they go through. But you know we both served in the con of service that.

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