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Of, all whoever got that interview can you? Get a better freaking, Mike, they're like a boom. Microsoft, and that was horrible well I think he was interviewing Tony to write an article did not realize that the audio would need to be made public because, so many people? Were questioning are you. Sure that's what he said he. Wanted to run. The Indy? Five. Hundred, wait are. You sure. Okay In all. Of that in. All of that? Now You my credentials in the Tony Stewart fan. Club I'm a? Lifelong member right and Mike intials in the Bush free zone are lifelong but Kurt Busch ran the n. b. five hundred finished sixth in. Front of some serious competitors and was extremely competitive. Himself. So that's one thing that I might disagree with Tony he didn't win, and I don't know that he, was competitive to win maybe didn't have a. Winning car but he, ran? Sixth out of thirty three That's pretty awesome You know danika I don't think she ran six more than once and. How, many, tries so yeah That's, what I'm saying she got fourth. Once she was leading in. The final ten, laps after a restart and she got the turn one she was eighth or. Something, so Yeah let's let's let's be a little circumspect. On how we just throw water, on one off drivers at the end of five hundred no I'm with you there because yeah Kurt Busch is one off for the, Indy five hundred was like you said just. Mad talent and yeah proved that he could do it and Fernando Alonzo even. Though he went out with a blown engine with I. Think twenty, some odd. Lapse to go he also was always competitive that month and practice and qualifying enduring the race I think Fernando led a couple of apps as well so yeah there. Are it just depends, on, the, driver if they're going to be a, sideshow or if they're going to be a. Legit competition when it comes to the Indy five hundred and I think Tony Stewart Greenwich. He might have to lose some LBJ's but. I think he absolutely would be, legit this is a race that it, means a ton to him. Growing up in central. Indiana and we've. Seen Tony Stewart win in everything he's a former IndyCar champion granite, that's when the split was going. On but he's a NASCAR. Champion He's a dirt he's a. Sprint car midget you name it he's a champion of everything he's driven he could totally. Do it and not be a sideshow what. Tony Stewart reminds me of statman, Tony Stewart Kyle Larson and others of, that ilk it's like gosh Okay here you. Go like a Stevie. Wonder there are several. Albums were Stevie Wonder early. In the. Seventies played every freaking instrument on his album songs in. The Kia? Life one of the best albums ever, done, playing that for my daughter today. In pool, so Tony Stewart. You put him in anything and he can drive it and he could drive it well there there are certain instruments that Stevie. Wonder's better at but he he can play the piano the drums the guitar the. Bass The triangle play, ball, well but, I'm sure there's one that he excels it Tony Stewart I'm sure excels at something. But, it's the dirt or NASCAR or IndyCar but it's you, look at guys like that and it's, such a, different breed, that yeah Now there might be some, risks for Tony Stewart but it's just in his blood that's just just what you, do Nuts I can't blame the. Guy and I've promised to get. To the story about Roger Penske saying that he, would like to have Tony Stewart I'll just tell you about. Roger Penske said that it's been a dream of his. But Tony Stewart.

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