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His word in alarm from him. And i wanna take all pressure off of this because anytime we talk about going to the source or spending time with the source we can think of that as a chore or something. That's really hard. When i say just show up. Just show up. Just show what knowing that you bring him joy by being in his presence and when you ask him that question what can i do to bring you joy today. I promise you this maybe not in that moment but sometime throughout that they they'll show you something that will bring him absolutely joy in it may be the smallest of things but this is a connection. Is that connection. That keeps us in that place of knowing a good friend of mine says a couple of things that i'm thinking about now issued as you're talking She says faith is not a feeling. It's a knowing. Yeah and she also talks about co laboring with the lord partner partnership. You're not absolutely connection. Yeah yeah you know. I was trying to think of his henry. Black vase said that god is always working that wherever we're at got his always working and what we tend to do is we tend to say lord. Will you show up and work with me. And what i'm doing and what black vase says is that when we asked the lord you know. I know you're always working. So where do you want me to show up. So that i can partner with you and sometimes that's in your marriage. Sometimes that's in the heart of a child sometimes as a heart of a neighbor. No and sometimes it's a new like he's working in you in the nfl. Look at these last two or three years of pandemic breast cancer. My daughter getting breast cancer. My son going through a dark dark place. All of these things. I think the lord was absolutely doing a work in the heart of suzy. Eller in saying. We're gonna teach you to utterly suzy. Trust in me. No matter what you see a matter what should go onto and now i stand i stand no matter what i stand in so in looking for ways working and asking the lord help few to show up to partner with him in whatever that might be what you just said makes so much sense and even if someone doesn't have your testimony yet they have not made perhaps been in the valley as often or as long as you have been. I think that there's so much that they can take from what you just said. And from your book and you and you have written other books certainly. Yeah yeah this this is. This is the newest one. But they can go to your website and take a look at your at your other books and tell us where we can find. You sure you can find me. At suzanne eller dot com in that suzanne with z..

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