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We have this much given to us so far the title of the song as I can't get over you till you get out from under him. And that's just a that's beautiful straight to the heart. Charms. I love you. No matter what that's right from underneath. There's good times Miami. And I love you baby. Tom. All jobs in says the words tater and daddy rabbit need to be in the right down a hard one. But we can make it work tighter. Rabbit? How are we moving plans coming along? Horrible. Have you packed up? Everything. I'm a I'm a compl-. I will do I did the whole thing. The moment moment we closed. I'm like, all right. We're packing down. We're taking down all the mirrors were taken down. All the pictures. Let's start even the one on your bedroom ceiling that one St.. Okay, permanent. But we close tomorrow. So we kind of have to be backed by tonight. Ooh, don't make that noise. Tomorrow morning. And they and here's the thing. I don't wanna make you break. Forget a little bit. But they just keep handing. Sheet. Sheet laughter. After sheet after paper after paper initial initials signs initial issue. It's a good twenty minutes of just signing. And then you will sign slide it to him. He will sign slide to your real estate agent. It's no seriously day. Make you feel like this is okay. Two hundred and something thousand dollars. That's just paper. That's.

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