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You standing by patiently time welcome back down the road you want to talk about the Imprimis article yes their own thank you very much it's up in regard to the two constitutions hang on a sec before we can do this let me let me just go real quick thumbnail sketch anybody it's just dialing in I was talking about this the beginning of the program I stuck this up on my Facebook page last other was last Friday talked about it briefly last week this is one of them there Hillsdale college speeches really take the speaker the guest speaker and they take exit take excerpts from their speeches in parliament Imprimis this Imprimis from Christopher Caldwell is about we are now functioning in this country under two distinct constitutions I read this on my hair stood straight up I never thought of it like that but we are so go ahead Tom okay well thank you with their own the the roots of our partisan divide is the title that he quit on his right speech and I've worked with young people millennials employs people of all ages and I just wonder where does this socialism come from they think that health care is a right of passage were very young people on yeah yeah no no Hey women when it went with the I ask you what capacity did you work with young people and what is your teacher a business owner and I'm on the edge of professor okay you're not you're not a Mexican coyote bring kids cross burns and like the top part time in okay go ahead okay what is your teacher because so anyway are you Bob always thought about these kinds of things for for decades the hand when we read the news we listen to the news we watch the news there's a lot of its act court cases that come up and I always go back to what the constitution state the original constitution not as interpreted by five thousand pages of prior cases and when I was a bad student in a parochial school the nuns on with punish me all the time and it's not was I had to write the constitution so you're might be in third grade you have to sit down and write things down so I haven't had that kind of punishment for a few decades but what I've done is I I learned a lot of things in doing that so I thought it was pretty good punishment well let's go let's go too far here's the thing about the constitution if with that you've got very quickly out of that piece by a Christopher Caldwell is that our constitution isn't being followed anymore we only know that because what you just reference five thousand pages that's called case precedent we're not going back to is is constitutionally limited we're going back to what this judge say before that judge before that judge all B. S. but the constitutional Caldwell points out comes out of the Civil Rights Act of nineteen sixty four and when you read that your hair stand straight up that didn't give anybody any guarantees of equal treatment that that favored races and ethnicities over other races and ethnicities and who comes out of the bottom and that did you figure that one out I have the answer you know what well you will be the key to Caldwell tells who came out on the bottom of that yeah I just yeah yeah who is it and that's if the Republicans it's white and all its white robe males it's euro centric delight crystal Christian males yeah but but here's a here's what I want to say the these cases come up what we need is certainly in place now but it's not in its not well enough installed and that is a very conservative Supreme Court that what I mean by that is I want them to interpret the constitution in its sleep at home in our bed talk to their wives you Trussell trust and you trust any of the current justices to do that the only one I do is is Clarence Thomas he but maybe we haven't seen enough of Roberts shot a legal but not not I'm I mean now listen if you have an idea cabinet but Roberts yeah we rate up he's K. Roberts is a a David Souter in the wings yeah we seem to much of Roberts yeah and he also but what we have to do is have a digital algorithm what's that well as an employer when I wanted to fill a position I would put an ad in in one of those websites and it people will go on that website and just hit a man can go to our about page and it would the usual filling in of questions and then upload their resume and get cut to cut to the chase make a point okay what I'm saying is in Los there should be a digital algorithm so that the lower courts have to answer these questions for example I'm not yeah I'm about well no I can help you with that deep in which I get it does this by the way was the case made by Patrick Colbeck senator Patrick call he was saying that any decision that's made regardless of what it is where comes from it has to do with legislation you go through the tech points of what part of the constitution this is sanctioned under you don't just go by somebody's feelings Bella me ask you something before we go here I get your point across but we want to be constitutionally lake we're not we're not anchored to the constitution anymore at all you say you're a business owner former I sold I was gonna ask you what hello Trevor doesn't win the most important I'm worried that this is what we decide it comes out of range in this segment of Grand River in Farmington that's that's ridiculous skews me we are southeast Michigan's conservative flamethrower people from this area go to that area to spend money they also list not tune in and a simple radio so not only does matter you're a grander but a but you're retired you're out of your soul to use your dog there in California opened krone bottles of the pair right you made so much money right current I don't think it was my show your point is well taken good call thank you yeah we are no longer tethered to anchored to the constitution as the forefathers wrote it and it we haven't for a long time long time Woodrow Wilson saw to that digging into the history and you'll understand exactly what we're talking about almost time again this break back to a reference to real quick better call because all over this and it was wonderful I mean he's the only real conservative center in the Michigan state Senate and the state of Michigan Senate and his whole thing was we we need a a B. if you will know you here's here's column a or column B. okay here's what somebody wants to do a column a is the constitution column B. is what you wanna do how does that reconcile with what the constitution says what the constitution says is constitutional said Hancock constitution is a proscription on government saying you can't can't do that not a constitution as you have a god given right to do this it doesn't matter what somebody thinks that there's no phony baloney welfare clause as interpreted now there's no phony baloney interpretation of what is freedom of religion what isn't given the way is interpreted now let it happen now the morning close to the end and at our last caller Tigers he's giving us a way to maybe solve that but good luck I mean we already know that that's been argued that's been argued Thomas but argued folks I mean it the there's no way to solve this at this point and two persons like some type of a herculean task I mean it's just it's crazy that the way that we have gone toward the socialist constitutional interpretation of our constitution given the legislators whims that's exactly what the Civil Rights Act was known to say this the first thing people say oh you're saying there should be no civil rights action hero was going on since before I do I was there and I was cognisant old enough to know what was going on that's not the argument the argument is is that you don't ever ever ever make anything more constitutional more just for anybody by giving somebody preferential treatment and that's exactly what the Civil Rights Act did I go back to my initial contention that we need no more than the first ten amendments there should have an eleventh one I'll give you that we should love it should have been the and I and I already gave the word from a couple myself on pack I've got another but it should be that the you know no American citizen shall be discriminated against with regard to anything to do with being treated fairly under the law you know I think I've been without my cell phone and I'm gonna I'm gonna read it the way I read it a road to some my pals of mine.

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