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Eliot Spitzer, this is a largely unknown story. The guy who apparently took down Al Franken Roger stone and took down Eliot Spitzer, if you haven't seen this documentary client number nine if you want to know who Roger stone is watch this documentary. It's breathtaking. It's the story of how Eliot Spitzer as attorney general of New York state was going after a billionaire. In New York. And I'm I you know, it's been a few years since I watched the documentary. I'm sorry. I don't remember the name of the billionaire, but this billionaire hired Roger stone to take down Eliot Spitzer, and Roger stone, apparently bribed somebody inside the federal judiciary inside the federal government. And got sealed federal investigative reports. They were looking into this prostitution ring in Washington DC, and he got these sealed private top secret FBI reports that indicated that one of the people who had been a customer of one of the prostitutes that was under scrutiny. Was in fact, Eliot Spitzer. And Roger stone made that information public. And of course, that took down Eliot Spitzer that was the end of his. Life in many ways and in client number nine. They interview Spitzer at length, and and what's so heartbreaking about this documentary. And I really encourage you to watch it is the first twenty percent of the documentary. I v of the documentary is clips from from Eliot Spitzer giving speeches and things the guy. It was going to be the next FDR. He was going to be part of the United States. And Roger stone took him down. Roger stone who used to work for Richard Nixon was Richard Nixon tattooed on his back. Took down Franken apparently took down Eliot Spitzer. And now it appears took out Hillary Clinton. So my question does the Clinton campaign or does. Hilary Clinton herself have the basis for a lawsuit that could be established at the supreme court for fraud against the United States of America and against their campaign. They're the aggrieved party they would have to to file the lawsuit. Although I would think that any any of us could file a lawsuit to say that you know, we are aggrieved parties too, but it might be a little more ten little thinner a little weaker. But does the Clinton campaign have a lawsuit that they can that they could bring in federal court that says? Trump is president as a consequence of a fraud. He should be deprived of the fruit of that fraud. Therefore, Trump and Pence are no longer president and Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine our president and vice president just like that is that even possible. I don't know. I honestly don't know. Congressman or O'Connor will be with us on Monday. He's a constitutional lawyer Yale Law School, go at graduate. I I left a message for him this morning, but never heard back. You know, asking essentially the same question, we will certainly talk with him on Monday when he comes on the program. So anyhow William in Eureka, California. Hey, William thanks for listening to fourteen eighty AM. What's up? Hi, tom. Thanks for doing. What you do? Sure. I'm calling in today with a get out the vote action alert for people in California. I think there's a lot of people that vote in every national election. But they don't realize that these state party election happened every two years, and they're very important if you had a minute or two I could call your audience more about him very quickly. Well, this weekend in all throughout California, and the California Democratic party is holding in elections called ADA stands for assembly district election meetings. Happy's took place two weeks ago and the rest of them take places weekend. I want to encourage all of your listeners in California to go to a website. WWW dot ends dot vote. You can find the progressives that are running in your district simply by going there and selecting the assembly district that you live in. I also have a really good idea for people that don't want to donate to the Democratic Party. But really wanna help propel progressive ideas. One thing you can do it. You can join the democratic progressive caucus in your state. You can go online if you live in California, just Google progressive caucus, California. Let's donate or and you can do two things at one time. You can give them a little money, and you can join their caucus and really get in tune with what's happening in progressive politics in California. You always encourage people to get more involved. And I just want to thank you for that. 'cause Bernie Sanders have.

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