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Turning now to the U. S. Economy. Weekly jobless claims ticked up unexpectedly last week A veces Aaron cutter ski fills us in it was a year ago, jobless claims started surging, and for the past year they have remained historically high. Last week, another 770,000 Americans filed first time applications for unemployment benefits and increase from the prior week and the 52nd straight week of elevated filings. Ah, year into the pandemic, the labor market has sputtered nearly 10 million shot. Boobs lost have yet to be recovered. A separate report out today shows manufacturing continues to rebound sharply and again, the Dow in record territory again today. It's a 33,183. It is up triple digits. It's up nearly 200 points. That's nice. NASDAQ was really plummeting, and it's retreating from its earlier losses. Just a tiny bit but still way down. Our good news If you've not filed your taxes yet this season we continue Following this with CBS is Diane King Hall. Your tax deadline is delayed. The IRS is postponing the usual April 15th deadlines who may 17th this year. In a statement, the IRS commissioner acknowledged tough times for people and said The agency wants to do everything to help taxpayers navigate the pandemic. The delay only applies to federal taxes, State filing deadlines maybe different here in the Commonwealth. Senate President Karen Spilka and House Speaker Ronald Mariano have announced the Senate and the House will act immediately to align the state's tax deadlines with the feds. In a statement they brought the Senate and the House expect to include this in already moving legislation that addresses emergency paid leave unemployment insurance and tax relief on forgiven tpp loans. Student loan forgiveness might be on the way after all, according to experts, who see the tax break included in them $1.9 trillion stimulus package as the indicator The House Judiciary subcommittee is holding a hearing on the rise of violence and discrimination against Asian Americans. CBS is Stacey Lynn, with war from Capitol Hill. The hearing comes amid a spike in assault on Asian Americans nationwide, and there's a lot of finger pointing at the former president's rhetoric. Erika Lee is a professor of history and Asian American studies at the University of Minnesota. These words matter, especially when they repeatedly came from the White House during the previous administration, many lawmakers addressing the committee With words of support like Congressman Steve Cohen. Congress sees you, We stand with you who do everything in our power to protect you. Stacey Lynn CBS News Capitol Hill.

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