Stein discussed on Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast


So what did every six folks it be swamped bullet so they had to reprogram these things didn't swear words so i said to the audience or the noise so what's the rudest word anyone's managed to sign into it and it's come up and straightway blog went leads as it could it's going to be more than once is if you get one shot the echo i've become a comedian shut up forever never never be too i was watching the dressing room the mark steel lectures and i was just thinking did on channel four four four and i just think that would could get made nice looking credibly so these these your lectures about historical figures aristotle darwin and they're so era so hard to get any stand up on tv now you so panel shows and it's all presenting jobs but it's just not that long ago yeah and it just if it almost seemed like comic that was allowed it was very funny are they allowed a comedian to talk about this is insight because it isn't insane short troy to do it the rules of it stained up so yeah jokes the white fruit but telling the real aristotle whom bounce stuff yeah i'd love to win that because i like to find out really try fathom what these people were about go on a dip on on owing stein coaches was dry mouth dread the signed two pages about the theory relativity led was about the time on a member sat in the bath on look to lead and he must have been stood there for world he went oh my god dad sat in the buff talking about the speed of light.

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