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A here's grew by manton gestures on the show. You're looking at me and you didn't know you're gonna talk about me so i figured i bet you to be in that boat average. How you it'd be good to be the man for this doesn't have to do with be bill. This is just person person on that you finally mono this is way different interesting. A different thing going on very nice. Thank you love her. I'm grateful free to bombie ever for. How does gratitude impact your life makes me take the back end realized just how grateful i am for life in the life that i'm living in have currently have dislikes. I mentioned those things. I was grateful for so. I think it's just taking a step back in realizing what's really going on and not just running through all the motions. Gratitude is good too. It's like a reality check on a thing owned you got and why should be excited to have it absolutely. I love that for me for my answer similar i would say it's a grounding kind of impact like what you're saying helps me focus on what matters most which is the teachable. Lessons learned right in love in our relationship of silver sixteen years together. All the things that we've learned together has been truly remarkable. All we continue to learn. I mean really. We're practically strangers right because technically doesn't your body all it. All the cells. Like re lay dying then rear remains technically. You're multiple versions of yourself throughout your life right. Oh yeah you're never you're not the same you century child. All the cells are replaced their technically still growing as a purchase. Copy of yourself creepy. Very your ability to copy gets worse over time. How nice to mention just putting out here. That's the truth. That's why we age. That's all it's about just adding up as we get. What do you think we don't look like our baby so the copies of different because we're trying to see there's that then also unlimited opportunity guys we live in a world where you can do and be whoever you want and if you don't believe that to be true that is your belief that is not a reality. That is your reality in your mind so if you believe that on unlimited opportunities around you you need to be grateful for that and you need to speak that language of the universe that i was saying earlier and really hone in and attach yourself to whatever opportunities you want to come your way as well as opportunity that you're willing to create for yourself and your family and your lifestyle so definitely that and then also i'm super you know grateful and grounded by the idea that like we have the ability to do good to be a positive influence in this world because the world is what we make it right and when people are like. Oh my gosh. This world is so easy crazy. Well that's because of us. It's not happening to us. It's happening for us so the decisions we make in the people you decide to be every day is literally reflection of what this world is so if the world is seems like naughty. It's because we happen to be naughty people and we need to learn to change our mindset. Change decision i rebut the view of the world but some people do people view. The world is evil. And i think that's absolute insanity considering you can go outside and not be murdered. Everywhere is the same the same there. Buzz there's zero challenges. A lot of creature comforts. It does most of us experience and we don't even grown are grateful that knowledge that you can go into a store and you're on the true are of this. Nah no i mean. We have all different experiences but either way. It's not just guess what that's not the. That's not the mass experience. That's not that i in every year. That's just a piece of the world. Right so i hate when people say that the world is just an evil because that's crazy because we have so much order that goes on that people agree to and we don't even have to agree to it. We just decided. Hey let's follow it but if everybody said all right we're not gonna follow society. We're going to be anarchist. It will be hectic. And then i'd say yeah then the world it seems innately evil. Because you can't even form a society where people agree upon rules. So we do that. So that's why. I don't believe in that and mainly world is evil. There's things the fix but the world is a pretty i mean. It's it's on a positive flux. it's just that people do some bad things and we're figuring out ways to kind of stop that and what's and that's what's hard is forgot. What's the best way to go about that and still get people. Freedom is interesting how you don't value like you don't see the negative impact as more overtaking. The positive yeah. I feel like the world is more positive. Because they're who literally gratitude. And how. But i think it's a lack of gratitude passively at fascinating because you always look for the worst and things and expect the universe and bring me for that. Yeah you need to actually try to find and seek out the good then. You might figure out how to make things better how to get that absolutely i. I always go against that. The world is an eight level. Let's seems like a load of crap because those are the same people that have the doomsday. You know in ten years. The world is going to end never happens. So that's why those people i think are just on the wrong case. The world is on a positive uptick. And we're trying to make things better. There's people that set us back a bit but we're still go. We're still moving forward and it's not this doomsday doom and gloom question five. Do you believe in starting your day with a gratitude list. If so why yeah. So i i think on blog or an article years ago oprah said she starts her day have really thinking about what she's grateful for and what she feels blessed about and to be honest if queen is doing something i mean. I really would love to argue. I'd love to see someone argue. Why they shouldn't take that advice in that tape. That can approach to starting your day and generally i think for me. Starting the day thinking positively about what. I'm grateful for really sets a tone for the day. A i feel very happy. I feel really blessed. And then also there's a level of joy that is now inserted in my mind and then in the day because it's like that's that i have these three things i'm excited for and these are three things i wanna do. So let's make it happen. And if you think about the alternative to thinking about all the things you're feeling upset about or would say that our flaws in your life or flaws in society are not going to make you feel better. It's a set tone of positivity enjoy. So i say running towards gratitude and embrace it and hold onto it every single day and i agree with that because it has helped me attract more things i want in my life so i say i'm going to keep doing what works because i i want more of what i want. I don't want stuff that i don't want right. So let me keep attracting. The things i want and starting with the day with the gratitude list helps question number six. What is the relationship between gratitude. Success you might think that gratitude follow success. But i think it's actually the opposite once. You're thankful for goals. I think it opens you up to achieve those goals. That's how.

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