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Call. Let's check in with Mike, who is up next. Hey, Mike. Hey, good afternoon Paul. Good afternoon to you. Yeah. Something that Kirby smart consistently does that I haven't heard too many people discussing is he makes at least one colossal error every time he gets under the bright lights. When it was fourth and a school bus and they had like, what was it? A 12, 13 play drive, had a little bit of momentum, and he decides to go for it. He just totally deflated the energy out of the stands in a message to his team. We can't beat these guys. And he did it in the SEC championship and with the fake punt. I mean, he just Nick Saban is the goat. Curvy smart is the fainting goat. You know what a framing goat is not your ball. I have a vague idea, yes. Yeah, when they get really stressed, they just pass out and fall down from the ground. But enough of that. You know, Kirby beats himself up pretty good. I have one little thing of note I want to bring out. I learned something about Georgia fans over the SEC championship game Paul. Do not make a bet with them. I better got a thousand bucks. He does a YouTube podcast. He goes by the name of uncle Wu, I doubt you've ever heard of him, but I know that Georgia fans have heard of this dude very much thousand bucks. And now he won't answer my calls. Imagine that. That's a shocking that somebody would not pay up on a bet. Is that ever happened before? We will take a break. We still have an hour and 15 minutes ago here. We hope you'll stick around. You are listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Hey,.

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