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Good coordinator Not believe in him as a coach Especially in the nfl. Era in in miami I mean five point win against virginia. Yeah this team was ryan mentioned three and hold on three or nine against the spread laying seven points or more and and miami was really bad against the spread. Last year they were. They were six and five. So there's gonna be they're gonna be hyped. They will be they will. They will be big favorites and some of these spots. The koby's point. Like i think this is a team that we can make money on week to week and i even think like this. Let me circle this north. I hope they have a good start to the season. I hope it's a an alabama thumping and then four straight win so we can crush north carolina that we come off the bye. Because i think we're going to have a situation where at miami's way over hyped and maybe they haven't tripped up yet and we're gonna be able to make some money that night but i think it's under all the way i think. Look at the road games here and you look at some of the home games down the stretch. Virginia tech always plays well in miami plays. Winston is going to be a good team at pittsburgh we like i. I would pencil that in right now. Take pittsburgh all over that. Pittsburgh is somehow a dog in that one Take the money line and at florida state. Like if there's a game that. I think florida after bobby belgians could get if there's one game on that fsu schedule it's that game. So i i. I think miami. I don't know maybe this is one of those win. Totals if you'd be if you bet the over you're looking about the under you. You look on prop swab later on After they've started foreign one to see being get some value their extraction value from the marketplace. On right and you mentioned nal and info only nevin. Shapiro hadn't waited a little bit longer in the nfl king the irony. He missed his college. Jesus christ and if you've never seen the documentaries the you the the very good and also cocaine cowboys same the guy who directed that directed that and they now have a cocaine cowboy series. They had a couple movies if you've seen the movies they're awesome but if you like the movies you would love. Love the series episode four but. There's a hilarious part. Where one of the One of these like you know. Billion dollar coke importers he gets arrested out. Nah he uses a fake name. He skips town on bond and the la county sheriff is watching espn and sees him on espn racing. A fucking speedboat. Oh man eighty two different areas. Yeah didn't get arrested. Still took them all out. They got him. So i saw that picture of michael irvin and what. He was dressed going to court back in the eighties wearing like a a a a pen. Pass sue like dark shades. He wore that to defend him to his trial for getting caught with crack cocaine. And this is is larry too because trending on Nfl subrata. it's a slow media day but this is from the from the nineties. Michael irving stabbed the teammate in the neck with a pair of scissors coming severely close to sevren his Karate artery and the incident was labeled scissor gait but he was basically a couple inches away from killing the guy. And you hear that. And you think oh. It was like crazy upbringing. This was in his eleven season. He was thirty two years old and Jerry jones immediately broker to six-figure settlement between irving and mcivor in exchange for mcivor silence and to prevent macgyver from pursuing criminal charges against irving. Play the irony of guy ever getting stabbed by a scissor. Yeah so much. See it coming so much though. It's i don't know how to pronounce mic ivor audio. It's perfect deal with that guy. When i was worked at a copy shop in In malibu macgyver. Yeah macgyver. The richard years which is ironic. Because he didn't know how to do shit when it comes to making copies just fuck up a color copier got sidetracked there talking coastal win totals. Unc nine a half minus one twenty five on the over plus one of five on the under plus thirty on the division eight to one to win the conference. Eleven to one to make the college football playoff minus three thousand amidst the college football playoff i think. Do we have a hal heisman. I'd take it and we do. I feel like that was a part of a comb. Kobe's employee perks. Twenty one bonus package one quick nugget again just from reading up on The these the different programs miami one ten and bowl since two thousand six holy shit and that is just crazy collapse all right so you can see hal again. He's he's he's the study tied he's tied for. Unc career touchdown record. Already was sixty eight touchdowns right now. Sixteen to one win the heisman they bring in the veteran offensive linemen. The issue seems to be. They lost a bunch of their skill guys. to the draft michael carter and giovanni williams who high on both those guys as far as like odor on the rush yards Even diani brown. He's kind of interesting. They definitely had some players. Come out yeah. So they're missing a lot of the skill guys on the offensive side of the ball. They got a pretty solid defense at least by unc standards. Colby is is the number to. Hi yes does. Unc ball out where we at. I liked the under man. I mean this is a team. They lose their best defensive player. This defense maybe nice by unc standards. This was the defense that was gave him fifty seven points to wake concerns on. That and i also have concerns like yes. You're replacing on this. You bring back your line sam. How that's great but it's a good sarp. You also open up the the season at virginia tech head on this where you have all these new players coming in to a place that hasn't is a toxic place in they haven't had fans in over a year and then what do you have week three. Oh you got bronco men. And all who seems to own mack brown. He just seems to own mack. Brown so I think that's a dangerous game. Even i don't care where they play it that he when he was at byu. He swept texas Then after that you get you get down further in the schedule. Yes that miami. Game that i think. They're probably going to beat miami but that could go either way At notre dame october thirty. That's going to be cold and south bend. I don't care that they get a bye week. Prior to that then at nc state those were to lose -able games Quick scheduling quirk to. They're playing wake forest as a non conference just a heads up on that one. I think i think the element of the schedule You catch the hokies at the worst possible time. Because the season couldn't have cratered at this point in Isn't fired yet. You catch you catch a florida state in an interesting spot looking ahead back. Brown's never beaten miami exactly in florida state. You know who knows. They could scrape a winter too. You have the at notre dame you have at pittsburgh and you have an at nc state game or nc state is going to be very up for that one to me Between the florida state miami. Where they i think they lose one of those two and then they're going gonna drop two of those road games. I think this is an easy under as well. I think north carolina could still end up winning this division and being the best teams at nine. Three seven. five you can..

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