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Really? Oh, no. You forgot that you have a bunch of bitcoin like okay movies over. But but just that like that the things that are sublimated in Mary, and Mary Poppins movies, which I guess there are now three that are that are worth talking about. Is interesting and in this movie. This brings is around a lead men while maranda who participates in the movie, but I would hesitate to say plays. A character does Disney it boy lin-manuel. I mean was correct me if I'm wrong, he's the new he's the air to Angela lansbury. Right. Because he's you know, he was in. I guess he wasn't in. No, he's on the soundtrack of Moana. And he wrote he wrote the songs it was very interesting. He he did not write the songs for this film. The songs written by Mark Sharman? Who is the musical theater composer who I know most from. Writing the south park movie bigger longer and uncut and the brilliant songs in the south park movie, which he collaborated with Trey Parker. Matt stone, not Robert Lopez who did the book of Mormon musical with those guys. But but the south park movie, and then also the hairspray movie as well. And he's an incredible. He's an incredible musical theater composer like I think as far as structure as far as like, you know, the Dingaan seek right? Like this. This songs in themselves. The ding being not German for Dink being not German for thing. But like the ding of ringing bells that are all over the soundtrack of this movie right in themselves. These songs are excellent as as pieces of dramatic narrative. They have no purpose. But like, but and that was like my overarching reaction to this movie, which was with the exception of the. Trip the light fantastic number which was dumb, and the a lot of the Meryl Streep sequence which was also dumb. The the whole whole every part of this movie was really. Excellently crafted and didn't add up to anything..

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