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Little bit life while here you're pretty fatigued when you're wrong followed that's deadzone swap ataka take ten he got diagnosed with thyroid cancer in that late him out for a little bit that's not what doctors usually recommend for thyroid cancer taco's like it also taught him what was important in life tacos and finishing his taco trial so it's reinforced his message of hope that's awesome mycosa mike said that taco's had nothing to do with him getting his cancer he was just bad timing was wonder like is that yeah what happens he even though he was on the mend he still finished out the year and was back trying tacos in no time hattrick in the diagnosis now he's like a takahiro like i warned eu daca in the end he consumed over 1600 tacos by the end of the year or 1600 talk that's a lot of taco's sound silva sounds sounds amazing i doubt nakju to one city in mindanao check this out he's cancerfree odd is it has to do with the taco that cycling absolutely yes hashtag early here saved my life secure cancer i've heard it here first attacked chemo irradiation or anything like that taco surgery now who are gonna be looking forward to getting cancer so they can go talking once a week you have cancer so i could see talk of every day that was the case it does terrible or his new goal next year he wants to do fifty two straight weeks of barbecue now not say man that's too heavy who has man is already barbecue for breakfast text in at seventy five nine two if you could eat one food item for an entire year what food item would it be back and cheese oh yeah orfa makati's you can all different it is also has no heavy man every day and your enemy so adopt up that so much she lost a i'm saying i had would explode yeah the the working out at us how good mac and jeez texans 75 once who'd item for an entire year what food item would that be your phone tap is coming up right after this britain's royal mo oh any became the guy honky tonks the new on and beautifully jon stewart and two you do the man oh my goodness oh van all year who oh who.

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