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All right. So back on the show with us today, we've got our good buddy Chad Clinton Freeman to talk about a new blunt house film Chad How's it going? Is Going Great I. Happy to be back apt to be on this episode specifically. I am definitely a fan of a blue mouse movies in general. You know they have A. kind of small little empire that's been growing for us several years now, I liked it. They branched out and they do these these TV originals they did with Hulu and now with Amazon so. Yeah definitely excited. Yeah. It is interesting how they are totally not anyone platform specific i. mean they are all over the place with what they put out and this whole. Welcome to the Bloom House series. You Watch all four of these, right? Yeah, I did. Okay. Yeah. You know well I I was excited about that new for new movies of you know for the month of October. I would say overall they're all four pretty good They're a least on par with what they were doing with the into the dark series over on Hulu a which they did twenty two of these or a couple of years I don't know if they're taking a break or if they're done. With they haven't done any in a in a few months here they were releasing one each month that was kind of a themed to whatever holiday was that month of those are all pretty cool They're very much kind of like the twilight zone I would say that these are two. Further majority when you've got these the bloom house movies, they are genuinely. Scaled down films of sure San or a couple of people in a house You know. I. Think Paranormal activity was one of the first big hits and I think everything's kind of like using that is the template. And then they've started to get a little bit bigger with their their bigger releases of like fantasy island but These are definitely pared back to I think where that brand started out from right right? Yeah. It's it's an interesting thing they've done in wall I mean. I'll say right here at the top like these, these movies aren't necessarily my favorite thing. You know you like to make fun of me for saying I'm not really a hard guy but The these movies generally are not my thing but they you know the economical nature of how they're making these and is definitely something I think to be to sell be celebrated right right now especially, with with the way things are going with Hollywood and the pandemic and everything I mean, these movies are going to be needed to keep things moving and keep people excited about movies, Whoa? Yeah and and that's the thing. Is it really if you think about it though what they've been doing, they've pretty much been there for some filmmakers that are kind of been down and out like m night 'cause they the village they did split they did glass. Even Spike Lee obliged clansman was from Bloom House in a roth even a green infernal so they're definitely I, even Rob Zombie whatever the Salem movie large the Salem yet lords, of Salem Yeah. So they they've really do have this this kind of I guess template of making movies and making them at a low budget. And it has worked and yes, it's definitely going to. Be something that I think more studios are going to be looking at and trying to figure out how do we do that now? That everything is going crazy with the pandemic. Yeah for sure well, let's get into this one. I will at some point in the conversation talk about some of the other. Welcome to the Blunt House movies that you watch. This is the only one I watched though knocked turn and We're going to get into puzzle pieces here in a second but. I just wanted to know before we get into the puzzle pieces how you felt this one kind of ranked among the four. Of the four, this woman It is not my favorite, but it's not my least favorite it. It. It actually ranks third of the of the four, but I would I would say, all four are definitely worth watch especially if you're into. Edit, they're not really Har- or what I would call them as. They're definitely genre films. They are horror influence thrillers is what I would say they're they're. Definitely, more on the thriller side Than Har-. But, I mean. Again, still a welcome for me with October and the Halloween coming up So I I definitely enjoyed them. Okay. Well, why don't we get into some puzzle pieces for nocturnal? What do you got for your first one? Well so the first one I'm going to go with I think this also is another studio that is Making movies they're on way and there are definitely more on the artistic side but I would say. The which is what came to mind to me when I watched this movie. which is our for from your favorite studio Column to four. Twenty Four. The which the reason that came to mind here is that you've got a young woman and she is A. Kind, of I would say. In some ways immature for her age. She hasn't had a lot of exposure to things in life of life in general, and she's really just kind of becoming her own person. She's timid person and in the witch you've got the character going to the dark side and You know here you've got that same thing going on and and as an audience member watching the film, you don't really know. How much actually being sucked in how much is mental and I would say definitely with this when there's a lot of open questions as to what even really happens if it was all mental if there is something supernatural are are wet what happen but. You've also got. A No screen appearance from like the devil but you've got the the suggestion that you know the devil wrote this piece of music. And, of course, you've got Black Phillip. A as you know, some sort of demonic presence of that, I'm not even quite sure with the Black Phillip is though in the which movies but I just felt a very much a connection to that film and watching this one. This one is of a stylized at times, which is what I really do like about it and also you know the which is just one that's a stylized movie about a young woman of turning.

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