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Right now. We're headed to the mid 50s under cloudy skies. And good morning, I'm John doman, and I'm more glue us. We're following breaking news this morning out of Frederick county, Maryland, where a man accused of stabbing his parents has been shot and killed by sheriff's deputies This is a very large crime scene, a pretty horrific crime scene. Yeah, the word horrific stands out there, and it seems to be appropriate given the details laid out by Frederick county sheriff chuck Jenkins. He says the suspect stabbed his parents, killing his father and injuring his mother, then when the suspect was confronted by deputies, he was shot and killed. We're limited to what we can answer. It's early in the investigation. We have a long way to go with it. It's not clear exactly what happened before the shooting, the deputies actions are being investigated by the Maryland attorney general's office, which says the shooting was at least partially captured on body cam video. Nick and Ellie WTO P news. One of the two people on board a small plane when it crashed into a transmission tower in Montgomery village Sunday evening is still in the hospital this morning. And while the cause of the crash still isn't known, we now have the 9-1-1 call made by the pilot, 66 year old Patrick Merkel. I've flown into a tower to the northwest of Gaithersburg airport. The calmness in his voice belies the predicament he and his passenger 66 year old Janet Williams were in. Trapped about 100 feet off the ground, their plane dangling from the tower. I'm just concerned about our articulation and the possibility that we could slip out of this tower. The 9-1-1 call taker asked about injuries and offered clear directions as first responders began the rescue. Stay inside of the plane, obviously, keep as still as you can. You're working on getting up to you guys. Emergency personnel stayed in constant contact with pilot and passenger during the ordeal. The national transportation safety board is investigating that crash and expects to have a preliminary report within two to three weeks and then the final report within 12 to 24 months. The average price of gas across the country has dropped again for the third straight week. It's down to three 52 a gallon according to gas buddy, and concerns that China's tough COVID restrictions will slow demand for gas and other parts of the world. Means that we can expect prices to continue falling. We think China will probably get its act together somewhere in the first quarter and that may fortify crude oil prices. But you probably have a period here of about 90 days where you're going to see very, very cheap gas. That's Tom closer, global head of energy analysis for the oil price information service, he says in our region. Prices are going to be dropping very rapidly. By Christmas, he expects the national average price to fall below last year's average of three 29 a gallon. Michelle bash WTO. New rankings on grocery stores are out, and hearing D.C.

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