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The ground first before we use a nuclear weapon she didn't exactly say it like that here she is on her no first use nuclear policy Dr those lines and this one I wouldn't do thank you governor center one response we trust around by saying you know we might be the first ones to use a nuclear weapon the entire world at right in the middle of this at a time when Donald Trump is pulling out of our nuclear negotiations expanding the opportunities for nuclear proliferation around the world has pulled out of the deal in a one and one is working on a nuclear weapon closer and closer to nuclear war we have to have it now it is one the entire world can live with we need to make that clear we will I agree with Steve bullock but by the seller like we need to get back to nuclear proliferation what would you have felt depressed for a liberation when using the same time when you actually have when you have others for live free I don't want to turn around say well Detroit has to be gone before we would ever use that when so many crazy folks are getting closer to have a nuclear weapon I don't want them to think I can strike this country and I will hi in we is United States America wouldn't do a thing I balik it was a little short on caffeine last night but as he was talking there he made the right point which is we're really gonna let Detroit get destroyed first before we use a nuclear weapon forty knots and that's always with one's position that would be announced policy of the United States the announced one we should declare it out right that we will never use a nuclear weapon first that's obviously the implied threat of mutually assured destruction you fire on us we fire on you but this idea that we would have announced policy how would that make us safer which is of course the goal here and it's almost like telegraphing where we're going to send troops we're just letting you know ahead of time if you want to nuke us don't worry we're not going to pre emptively do this is it's a defensive strategy to say we always have that option open if this is what's called the take your best shot policy you just lead with your chin you keep your arms by your side and say punch me as hard as you can and if I survive it then I'll fight back well can I tell you one thing if Elizabeth Warren is president I'm very glad that living in DC I will die instantly if a new cat sass I'm in I'm in the nukes then we just I instantly so I'm thankful for that yeah one of the nice things Elizabeth Warren's done for you this morning thank you Beverly seven fifty on WMAL you've got all kinds of us all I get the job done hustle and get the kids out the door hustle if you've got us all we've got your back university of Maryland University College a respected State University with ninety plus programs and specializations in more than seventy years experience.

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