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Don't fuck around i don't plan i will be i'll be linking these links to the show notes but also like i'm sure that there's going to be new information and also spread this information since it's not normally you know told so this is just all this is the story that i've kind of pieced together so the first attack so there have been packages packages that have been circulating in the city of austin and just outside of austin the first attack happened march second there were two more bombings that took place on march twelfth and a third place on the eighteenth at the time police were like yeah they think that these bombs relate were related so five packages exploded in the austin area the latest bomb blast which is just after the eighteenth i believe i could be wrong no the latest yeah the latest bomb blast happened at a fedex offense in swertz i i don't know if i'm pronouncing that wrong but is roughly sixty miles outside of austin the employees suffered a nonthreatening percussion type industry injuries so thank goodness the person in the fedex office was not injured the police the austin police department had been receiving more than one thousand two hundred calls about possible bombs and suspicious packaging it's terror it's terrifying so yeah so the bomb that exploded in the fedex office was the fifth bomb to explode it was a package it let's see so it had been shipped to fedex from austin and so that's kind of why they're connected to the other awesome bombs that had happened as well.

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