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More money than sense, he believed his own hype. He made a horrible decision and he just won't back down from it. Q, I am traveling to Chelsea this week and taking my son George to his first ever. Chelsea game at Stanford bridge for the visit of Leeds, our once great rivals. I'm sure that rivalry is going to be is going to be hitting again, especially from the leads of ways section. You just saw them busted and, you know, my son texted me and said, well, you may have a new manager by next week. I go, nope. I'm like, he'll just hold it. He's just going to hang in there. He's going to hang in there until this decision looks better. It's his first game, isn't it? First at Chelsea. He's been to a palace. He's been to fuller. So lovely. It's a wonderful moment as a father when you can take your own son's son, let's put our hand in the buzzsaw. Altogether. Love of God's burly stop wearing pink mate. Come on. Leicester nil. Arsenal won the manager with the Premier League's strongest hairline takes on Mikel Arteta and is served up yet another Gritty arsenal performance after having a first half goal. Leandro trossard hit a little Belgian 5 hole assist through the legs of Leicester's Harry sutar to a streaking Gabriel Martinelli who rolled home the game's lone goal, right when so many were prepared for this arsenal team to wilt. They only go and deliver back to back away wins to stay two points. Clear of city with a game in hand back to back. Away wins in the middle and incredible game. We could have been a banana skin turned into an eventful tough it out victory hard fought, but truly forgettable in the scheme of the campaign grind out football, which made it all the more glorious. And the game began with a lovely jester by arsenals in, that child of ziti met oblast in northern Ukraine was made captain for the day a year and a day since the barbarous invasion of his home nation and I did wonder what emotions he must have experienced marching out proudly with his league leading team wearing the colors of Ukraine that captains on band on this forearm parte back, but on the fit enough for the bench agent, georginio continuing midfield, trust hard starting to give and catch a much needed break and he floated out dangerously a dangerous drifter on the left, which felt like it paid dividends in the first half, a magically taking goal, goal so great. I do morning Joe on Mondays, and they actually played that one as the winning goal. And I was watching, I had to commentate over it on morning Joe, and I was like, do I say that it was actually fought off and have to explain to America? I just went with it. I was like, great, and this was the winner. And I was like, wow, that's a great goal. I was like, cuco. It was a great goal. He dressed the ball. Waking up. But for a judge, Ben white had held goalkeeper, Danny wood in the build up little harsh day Robert fair would you say, in the spirit of the law, but not in the spirit of equity, with all of these decisions you now have to say, you've seen him given. And you've seen him given, you've seen him not given. You've seen him given you post some kind of a risk when you do that. Right after halftime, the goal, the morning Joe didn't see made by trust, nutmeg pass, which is stunning in its own way, Martinelli galloped on. It's got his second in two games curving and slapping it into the corner. Thierry henriette said many Arsenal fans in my text took a whack from Dede in the process. I'd give my lay fast foot the club, but to me the most remarkable aspect of a beautiful goal was that bukayo saka had the willpower to prevent him from diving in on the line to stab that ball head but it was already going in, but he could have claimed the gold David. Clearly, doesn't own himself in fantasy, team player. Yeah, lesser humans definitely would have poked that home and taken all the credit. Leicester sure that they're creative heartbeat James Madison out with an illness through innocuous, they've just three points from 7 games without their tattoo genius this season. His absence really a guaranteed L and broad true on professional arsenal taunter. Jamie Vardy, who kind of provoked a late flurry, but honestly, they never really troubled arsenal truth be told one shot from Leicester all gained none on target. The Twitter handle XG philosophy tweeted Leicester created 0.01 XG against arsenal, the lowest XG in a Premier League match since we began this account. They're not all like Leicester on the field. Don't sound like Leicester off it. It was so quiet in the king power this season, but also won't care. Back to back, tough away wins, tough places. These are not the most emphatic wins, the most creative, the most dominant wins, but that they don't need to be, but keep on winning. That was a peculiar delight for this. When I got a text from my arsenal support and make Michael Cohen at full time, he said proper grind that win can't wait to smash your Everton boys into the championship on Wednesday. Thanks, Michael. Thank you. Okay, another great team Bournemouth will not them one. Manchester City then four peps big box store heads to the south coast and takes no mercy on one of the Premier League's mom and pop shops city last four past the hapless cherries thanks to Julian Alvarez, Erling Haaland, Phil Foden,

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