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But I'm telling you from experience extremely uncommon. Because in the federal side. You don't you're not a patrol officer. You don't just happen. Upon a crime is an FBI agent on the way, home you copy, Joe that's not your job, right? The police officers who I was with the just happened to fall into observing a crime Tonge turned a corner on the street at guys Robin someone getting a foot pursuit you arrest them. So time to call a judge for a warrant. That's not the way the federal system works. You get a tip you investigate the tip. You present your investigative results to an assistant United States attorney. They drop a complaint or they an indictment is issued an arrest warrants issued. Then you go get your guy. That's how it works in the federal system. Probable cause. Hurry up arrests are extremely rare. What was the hurry on July twenty seven to get popadopoulos? We'll get to that. In a second. I always say remember the names Joe remember the date July twenty seven so we now have two things on July twenty seven we now have Bob Mueller special counsel, which hunting Donald Trump being notified that his lead. Investigators are corrupted. There's a hurry up arrests that the airport of George popadopoulos. Why the hurry? He needs to shut someone up. Couple of other things happen on July twenty seven and I can't thank this source enough. This was brilliant. Joe don't you find it awfully convenient that? They Republican members of the house that were investigating all of the malfeasance and misdeeds that went on in the FBI against Donald Trump and four Hillary Clinton in the shelving of her Email case, do you know, h I'll just let me ask you a question. You don't know the Dayton advance. But let me based on the conversation. We're having now the house GOP issues a urgent call via letter for a special counsel to investigate the FBI. What date do you think that happened on? Let me just throw that out here. The say July twenty seven was going to say that then you took the words right out of my mouth baby that that's a great cast show at you'd be right? Joe's right again with a widow chicken. Do all of a sudden on July twenty seven Muller finds out. His team is corrupted popadopoulos gets hurried up arrested at the Dulles airport on on what we believe to be a PC arrests, very unusual and the house GOP issues this urgent letter calling for a special counsel into misdeeds by the FBI during their Trump and Clinton investigation. Oh, gets better. You'll told you go anywhere. I could see the look on your face and pointing at him right now, do our new high tech video connection. Okay. What else happens on July twenty seventh? Well, there's an interesting article that appears in circa, but which is a news type newsy type outfit. I think a couple of people at the at the hill and folks used to work there, but circus kind of like the hill or axios. Joe an article appears in circa on July twenty seven twenty seventeen. How what's that article about something we talked about during this week? So I think it was Monday or Tuesday show. Joe the article is about elite lawyer for the FBI who's in a lot of trouble, buddy. Whole lot of trouble. Let me read to you. The headline of this piece from.

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