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To indianapolis and go to say nomo's or something like that interest rates would um you know i i would say for me going to different stadiums you know land is just so history rick in then dallas is just so different and you know we love being home is well like you said you here to take that an equation well we love being in in ford field they just did a hundred million dollars renovation fair and it it looks terrific now it's really good update so uh we're we're pretty lucky within our division uh to be able go the places that we go consistently soldier field obviously being a classic as well what a little bucket list talk with dan miller who is the sports director of fox to in detroit but also the lions radio playbyplay voice i just followed you on twitter i don't know why was follow eu before but i just did at the end miller fox to end each grade to catch a couple of minutes especially since you've been talking now for the better part of like seven hours or something thank you know my my pleasure no it's uh it listen anytime your way to mislead is find you only get to try it sixteen times so where when you find a way to get one it's a good night so i've i appreciate there you have your all right we'll talk to you again see you got an attack you to an is too and that kind of cool to talk to dan about stadiums tail on my bucket lists lambeau said that multiple times and that's not only because it's classic and it's it's got the snow and it could be so cold but also because my dad told side of the family is from wisconsin and and anti uncle.

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