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We know whether former president Donald Trump will be indicted by a Manhattan grand jury. Keep it here for full details in the minutes ahead. Dave dill dine in the traffic center. In Virginia on I 66, at least four crashes this afternoon. He's found east of one 23 initially blocking the left lane westbound very slow centerville, I'd have been asked this. Well before the rest area near bull run, caller says tow trucks are at work and crowding the right lane. And it was bad enough westbound with more drivers dodging a crash on 28 earlier. That one's clear. South of warranted on 29 heavy and slow, southbound, V dot has a crash before opal road on the left. Burke, southbound on Berkeley road at the southern Burke road intersection. There's a crash. Southbound on rolling road at Burke road. Police are working at incident backing up traffic on both routes. Very slow on the beltway and three 95 near the beltway and 95 southbound into woodbridge. Also, if you slow down south of Quantico past garrisonville and for rush hour number three, route one closed in heimlich valley between Boswell avenue and Lockheed boulevard for ongoing police negotiations in the district, south and south capital street, very slow coming out of the third street tunnel and off 6 95 passed the ballpark at over the Douglas bridge because of a work zone. Last reported blocking Elaine near the east oval at at Acosta park. D.C. two 95 volume delays into Maryland at the eastern end of the suitland Parkway caller says the crash is now on the soft shoulder with park police lanes are open. North of town on two 70 95 in Baltimore, Washington Parkway, standard volume delays, crash reported on route 100 east of arundel mills boulevard backing up eastbound traffic on Maryland 100. Life is better when we do things together like sharing the ride to work, learn more commuter connections dot org, Dave gildan, WTO pay traffic. To WTO meteorologist Mike staniford, what do you have for us? I've got a freeze warning tonight for the northern and western suburbs that we've got a cofounder that's going to come through in the pre dawn hour is going to be

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