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You know of of of interviewees, and he was extrordinary was beyond ordinary. But also I wanted to have the perspective of different generations of filmmakers from Peter benefit to give touro to younger filmmakers like Rawson. You know, Elijah wood in his partners at spectra vision. Donyell just Waller to to really make the argument that the shower scene remains very much alive in our consciousness today in his still something that we talked about instill relevant to discuss today. Not least it was very important for me to have number. Of of women obviously into film. I don't see how you can make a film about Hitchcock much less about psycho in the shower scene without having a number of women in their perspective on it as well. It's a great mix of people just so many different perspectives and pretty much every single person that came on screen. I was like. Oh, wow. Yeah. That no. That makes sense. I mean, the one that always except for me is Danielle Ben and that he did the the re score for the remake and just how important Bernard Hermann probably was the his life, and how important music is to that scene at all ties together. Yeah. No. It was great to get to get Danny in a perspective. Also on you know, the goes Vincent psycho, which we also have with Amy donelson who was the editor that project, and you know, unfortunately, we didn't get Gus himself. But you know, it's it's a really fascinating. It's a fascinating to me to to consider. Because this idea of cinema magic, you know, that you can't really recreate even in the hands of of a master like Guzman said he just can't replicate it in a way it's refreshing in. No, I think if you could just take any masterpiece in remake it just a successfully I think it would take away some of the magic. So what were some of the things that you found out while you're making this movie without giving it away. I think to me to two particular areas that I really wanted to explore that in fact, never been explored and one is the baning that Norman Bates removes from the wall to watch Marion crane through his people, which you know, it's actually painting that Hitchcock talks about in the trailer. The extended six minutes trailer to psycho, and there's a mystery behind paintings. So that's something that was wonderful journey of discovery. This. Has great significance. Also, the infamous cassava melon, which is Mellon of very particular kind of Mellon Hitchcock used to create the sound of the stabbing in, you know, everybody while every every hitch dot fan will will know that. He chose that particular melon for the sound bytes. You know, we actually went really deepen and trying to figure out why the Qasaba as opposed to any other kind of melanin ended up ordering twenty seven different varieties of Melon's in season. Instead the mall in recording them and sending the sound files to Gary to him who won't seventy Kennedy awards for for sound in Shannon meals at Skywalker sound than than interviewed them about that. So there are certainly some surprises. I think for even for really hard core film, nerds there are some some discoveries to be made about this hour seed, so obviously so much of this movie speaks about editing, and I'm curious as far as how the edit for the project actually went when it came to putting it together I worked very closely with Chad hers worker, my editor who did people deduct the bed. He did this..

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