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Oh look the sovereign trained has to be on the right track and hasn't been poor for two games now so it's a five 524 four in game number two to love of four the new york yankees and of course the issue has been over the last hour plus or is so about whether or not ray is so should have been pinchitting and i was glad to see him pinch it even though we wanna see also would dominate gasman th with the experience against the left handers at in the bronx against the yankees and a pressure situation in the ninthinning trying to keep the mets and the baseball game and no car loans pulls him for jose reyes raise ended up getting the infield single and then a gore's rosario with home run number two and short career and five two four the final mows mandra modern fans are saying wait a minute what is he doing we wanna see dominic smith get the experience collins made the move to win the game to spoil things for the new york yankees and now i didn't i disagree with his move at all and he's not my favorite in game manager at all and i was watching on the s n y and gary cohn who grew up as everybody knows the most diehard metropolitan banned him and how we rose you're never going to beat in any kind of metropolitan trivia question that through sure and i think they have every inning of every game memorize whether they were around and sixty two or nine bottom line is they disagreed with the car won't moves oded keith hernandez ron darling they would all disagree with the move that gowns made pinchhitting dominic smith in the ninthinning i disagree with them but this is what i like about the cohen and hernandez and and also one darling they give you information they give his stats and they are fair what they don't give you was home ism only sues in waldman to me was to make a remark on a role mind triple that should have been ruled the narrow not one yankee announced so that i heard said it should have been ruled the narrow m betts in right field listen the anc is now they get a run out of it it said triple.

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