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Time. One more time. What are free podcasts? FM Chicago's number one hit music station. Fred Naji are on. We were talking about bowling for soup, but bowling for supercenter throwback Throwdown. And I came up that I I had Jared Jared Jared actually from bowling pursued that I had his number in my phone from like two thousand three or four when they were big and they used to play chose. I lost it all the time. From Texas and they used to play shows frozen. So we became friends we used to hear from him like randomly guy from bowling for soup. And I'm wondering who has the most random number in their phone? Maybe it's like a like, I still have the person. I lost my virginity to number in my I don't know. Oh, I have a celebrities with their phone number. We were at one time or I don't know the most random number. That's in your phone, or maybe you have a number in your phone that is by some identifier. And you can't remember why like as we all know, I do have a woman in my phone in Becky, big tease. Becky, big don't know. My player days days is that would put someone's first name identifier to I could remember he to where I met them or like, it'd be like Cindy, Cynthia red shirt or something. And then some of that was supposed to trigger for me. I have a lot of lacy bumble in my phone because I think for some reason. Username boy met her on bumble or like. My name's Sarah lawyer is a lawyer. I do remember her. But I feel like a who has the most random number in their phone, and I was looking through mine, and I typed in Jared Jared from bullying Brazil, and then it pulled up Jerrod Niemann the country star. I wanted to call him. But I think he's probably over asleep. He's a country star..

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