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Yes yeah whatever they find is there is their strong point. You just take that and you can and you absolutely disintegrate it. Does it feel you good in the moment to find someone's weakest most vulnerable spot and stab them. They're absolutely yeah and I'm not I mean I'm not proud of it but if you're going I I'll hurt you before you hurt me scare. You know Nicole Nicole. You're hurry broad would say we've only got like one thing in common that I'm aware of like I am so I'm like like like nervous just having this conversation. This makes me so uncomfortable so Nicole. You'll say something along the lines. I'm just making this up If you really want to hurt him like I make more money than you. And you've got small one on top of it. I mean how are you. How can something like that? That's perfect. That's perfect a house that getting to the root of the argument. Though it's it's it's not it's not you will you pull out anything and everything besides what you're arguing about. But how do you ever resolve anything you if you don't you don't and and how long does it take. How long does it take? A man to get over. Being told told that he's allows you provider and has a winky little alone. Does that beat it. Well the ones that were dumb enough to stay around. It took a little bit pull. You don't even respect these guys for hanging with you. Are you married now. Call it coming your way. It's Sherry Salute in that Pink Song smarten staff you here on this show Bob and Sheri hot cast on the Bobbin. I'm Cheri half. I've made a decision. I'm going to change how I feel are you. Can I speak about my my feelings from the book. Ah Your I am no longer going to be as the style. GIC as I have been in the past. Because I don't think it's that you know just thinking revering the past loving the past Blah Blah Blah. I don't think it's all that healthy I want to try to live more in the moment. I always get more nostalgic like in in the summertime because I go back to being eleven years old and there is a period just before our family fell on hard times where I was was always carefree. I was like bike and old lyme Connecticut. The beach was there looking at long island sound. I mean having going to the movies and it was when I go to that town with my friend Jeff. We drive through it. He says you realize what you do and you drive through the town I said what are you talking about his you like zone out. It's like you just go to another place. You don't even hear what I'm talking about and I didn't know that I was doing that and that's not it's not a good thing to do and I I would take Mary. Are you back there every year and this is where I rode my bike and all this and that I got. I gotTa stop doing that so I was attracted to this article about the most nostalgic states. It's in the United States and it it's kind of Baloney because it's based on the following. FACEBOOK interest in classic cars antiques six vintage clothing vinyl records and Jello for some reason so obviously the gentle thing is probably when you were pretty nostalgia right anyway based on that to ten most nostalgic states are California Utah Alabama Louisiana Tennessee Idaho Oklahoma West Virginia Kentucky Kentucky and Georgia and the least. The stout nostalgic states are Minnesota Wisconsin Nebraska Maryland Illinois Michigan South Dakota Texas Texas Massachusetts and New Mexico and none of those states really relate to one another at all except for this illness for the past on his for over the past which I think really did play into the last election. People really would like to go back and have their life not all people but some people have their life the way it was when they were eleven years old or the way they imagined it. Was You know where you could get it right out of high school and get an amazing acing job at an assembly factory and work your way up and buy a house and maybe even swimming pool I go. It's been gone for a long time. I go out to little cranberry island In the summer some time and I'll take the mail boat out there. It's about three miles off the coast of Bar Harbor and I get off sometimes by myself and I walk. There are almost no cars on that island. I walked down these two little roads until they have is two roads roads to get to a stone beach in along the way you walk by a lobster fisherman south a hello Dave Thomas and you hear somebody cutting their lawn with a push lawn mower. I mean no motor and there's no cars sounding no car sound anywhere you just hear somebody mowing his is lawn with a push lawn more and it's like your urine museum. The Museum of Nineteen fifty five or nineteen sixty the way it was west back. Then you say there's nowhere else that I go where it's this quiet and slow and simple and kids on bikes and running free and dogs running free. It's an island with no cars like they say it's not reality. You'll see memes on facebook that go you remember when Mom Cook Dinner. Kids played outside in the neighborhood. And if you were Sassy you gotta beating like if you agree okay. Yeah Listen I would love for my kids. I'd love to be home everyday cooking dinner while my kids played in the neighbor. I'm not gonna eat them but other stuff sounds really good. It's just just the hard to make a go of it without paychecks in this country. There's no backing up. There isn't much folks would like to as much as I would like to. I mean it's for me. It's a lovely experience but I know the experience has got to end because I'm looking at a museum. Basically it's it's Kinda hard to ask people to roll it. That how far back to specially when you need every nickel you make to stick by Bob and Sheri and stuff. You won't hear on the show the Bob and Sheri on cast on the Bob and Cherry APP get it now in store or Google play all right mark come on in here Marcus. Three daughters one's named crystal ones named named Denver One's named Brandy. You've been listening to this mark. What do you think? And let's hear about your daughters. My daughters are typical of crystal November and brandies apparently give us an example of what it was like raising God man. We don't have enough time what it was like title chaos. The craziest thing ever done by one of them. Which one was it? Oh well I don't know how you pan down. Just now. They're on their twenties Wani's now right in their twenty twenty one and then you have been arrested Yes all been arrested Yeah let's say I think two of them when one's been arrested one's been detained and the other one. I'm not sure about how many are married once married. How many boys have gone through your house? boyfriends wins with these girls. Now I'm GonNa tell you guys were really terrified of me so I didn't see many of them and But several have have yeah. There's there's being guys and they're all thugs they're like little bug magnets daughters..

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