Peter, Michael Flynn, President Trump discussed on Howie Carr


Hey let's go to line full Phoenix pizza welcome Peter itself under the state with you well you're very welcome I wanted to know can Michael Flynn the service people who have abused their powers to go after him answering can and try to make our president's life even more difficult by hamstringing everyone who worked what you can do the job that he needs to do yes absolutely he can sue the federal government and I think he should unfortunately it's our money that he would be awarded but he's lost million so yes absolutely and he should also so in my opinion I'm not a lawyer we can ask the next time she's back on the show Jenna Alice that the president's attorney he should sue that that the law firm Covington Burling that he'd information from him that was exculpatory and got him enrolled in a deal that was a bad deal so yes absolutely pizza he can and he should sue both of those bodies if not others as well that's going to Pennsylvania line five April welcome to America first your Hey there right what to read oh my gosh role a little while at the mark sorry about the nail salon if you want to stand up I mean I don't understand why mom Kate's nail salons what's going on there I don't know I mean I would think that all the pot I mean all the precautions they take all the chemicals they the virus yeah but this is not the issue that may put you heard what he let it slip out there he said I think he was disgusted at this idea that that people have to paint your nails he said like you'll subservient to them I I I I really don't understand that you could do it yourself what yeah you can you can M. teal goddess from the leaves yourselves but if you pay somebody to do it what's wrong with that April well if you want somebody to do it I'm eight and you know the thing of it is that the like like you know I want to get my nails done because I'm not going to do is get a job with the Polish a moment of the of the professional what like what well you can buy but what about this okay that logic is just so full you can cook your own food if you go to a restaurant that's wrong somebody's cooking for you sorry mark all right by just so that you know how famous is ladies this is April who rang up the covert nineteen hotline in Pennsylvania and let's say this this woman takes no guff she talked to a doctor who didn't believe in what the president said and she struck back rhetorically of course media matters April you're a warrior princess as well god.

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