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That's right and there was a character limit two hundred fifty character limit which is kind of the main reason behind why we have emojis is good so like you said he didn't have to type out sunny you could use one character and in nineteen ninety nine sounded like the future back then yeah remember it's crazy he developed one hundred and seventy six of these initial emoticons for things dealing with the weather sports food and drink love of course and like you said he he made up the word e which was picture in mogi which was character and that's where it comes from yep so the thing was then you had how many did he come up with two hundred hundred seventy six initial ones okay so the thing is is this this whole mobile platform i mode get this is nine hundred ninety nine we're talking about they they had like two hundred and fifty characters tops yeah but these broadband networks weren't invented yet this it was all really lo fi stuff still sure so he's very much a head of his time so he kind of had to reverse engineer how to get these things across they had a stroke of genius since there was a finite number of these things rather than sending a picture from one phone to another when one user wanted to send that emoji they stored the pictures in the phone yeah and then you could activate those emojis from simple to to alpha to i guess to bite alpha numeric code so when your phone got the right alpha numeric code it would produce a smiley face yet really set the stage for what we have today.

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