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Oh and an a cross between marjoram and while time to be honest and it's grows while in attack yeah in the southern turkish region it's beautifully fragrant so it's been greatly enjoyed as a herp fresh hope in in southern turkey where my roots i from but it's even more popular and very enjoyable as the bland zautar blend which actually included in the condoms chapter in my cookery book and thought i blend is an incredible mixture of traditional one is it can take up to forty different things in including the niger season the sesame seeds crushed cooked chickpeas crushed ground stout chills cumin samak see sold black pepper you name it and instead and it is absolutely amazing so you also talked with your book about i really liked this bathing vegetables in a yes combination of water and pomegranate molasses to provider flavor so talk about that because i've never heard that before yes that is a lovely ritual actually so that's very southern turkish my roots go back to ancient antione kentucky at the southern part of circuit and i live in my grandmother's home almost five hundred year old stolen home in ancient antioch and we have all this incredible groza pomegranates mulberries and lemon and and what folks would do is turn all that lovely choosy pomegranates into the thick molasses so they would juice all those pomegranates and it would be simmered it becomes a thick molasses now is is this is the juice coming from the sea and only the seeds or the whole thing whole thing but you will get your pips but you know you basically have to have the jews and then it would be boiled down to a very very thick syrup and it's gorgeous lee tangy and sweet and i rather prefer not at much sugar than just tastes the real choose and a little bit.

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