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I've got posted this on Instagram when we were at north park on Wednesday. The joggers I was wearing. They are bird dogs, okay? They're bird dogs and I will hand up. I made fun of joggers, maybe 5, 6 years ago. I've come full circle. They sent them to us. I'm currently wearing them. I don't know how well you can see. I'm probably unplug myself if I try. I have the khaki ones on right now. I wore them on the flight and wore them directly to the golf course and fit in wonderfully on the golf course didn't stick out. I'm so in on joggers, I'm way in on bird dog. So I've got a million questions about those bird dogs. You can go to bird dogs dot com. You can use code NLU and you'll get a free hat with your order as well. So boys have been buzzing about the bird dogs. I wore them on the golf course today as well. I got out to the new course. It was absolute delightful stroll wearing those pants. Range has been working out in them, the short shorts, she's loving them. Well, the shorts, but I also have to the pants 36 inseam pants. Hard to find as a tall guy. So it's cool. If you're watching this live, Cody's Cody's beaming in the video of that I posted on Instagram that shows off the joggers. Nice shot. Thank you. That was a good shot. You know what I did? I used the bounce on that one. So go to bird dogs dot com, check them out. I've got a question related to the precision pro. Round table. Any caddy stick out to you. Over the last couple of days. Ryan Palmer's caddy went full Harry Higgs, like with no shirt underneath and had some chest hair popping out, which that was a surprise to me, but that was the only thing that came to mind when you brought that up. I don't have anything specific other than we mentioned this in the pre the preview pod, which again, someone mentioned previews doing a lot of heavy lifting that were preview, which kind of made me laugh. But I think we're all like I mentioned, not down on Scotty, but just a little bit like, okay, he's got to run out of gas eventually. I think we underestimated having Ted Scott on the bag. You were like, I don't sleep on Ted Scott. Two time masters winning caddy with the number one player in the world. It seems to be a potent combo. So can I say one thing about caddy? And then I was going to say this is not a shot at Joe lacava, but it definitely is going to be the cat and Joe had some tough yardages today. Hit 7 iron on 12, totally either misjudged with one 56 or something on 12. I think a lot of players are doing it. It seems like a weird wind. Air mailed it went way long. It got lucky that it came back in the bunker. And then on 18, it was a helping win. One 58 and I know that shot plays about 8 to ten yards uphill. Full bore 7 iron, and it won't even close to the right number. So maybe it needs a precision pro audio caddy to go longer. That is not in the copy. Caddies that have stood out for a positive or negative. I feel like you must have one. If you put this, I just think it's a fun question because I feel like at the master of the caddies become almost, you know, because they're all wearing the same thing. You start to notice what they're wearing underneath. There's just a lot to it that is part of the masters. I'm gonna pay closer attention to that tomorrow. I was trying to see on Twitter. Fitzpatrick's cat. Oh, that was sweet. Yes. So he gets over at Fitzpatrick, it's over a shot on 13. And starts to kind of back off and I couldn't quite make out with Billy foster says, but he's like, they're hitting a layup shot, and he's like, it's perfect for her and get on with it. 'cause he was like, Fitz was starting to second guess it. And fits like, are we in a rush? No, no rush, but it was kind of his way of reinforcing confidence in his player to make sure he made a good swig, but I thought that was great. Yeah, get on with it. Also, I assume a caddy that sticks out as Alex Higgs who's, of course, probably in the chat. Following along. Even if he's not, he's number one caddy in our book. So the boys aren't playing the weekend as well. Harry Higgs and his master's debut, making the cut, that's awesome. Neil, who did you have? Guido, magliozzi. Yeah. I believe I said his name, right? You did. This guy's ripping heaters all day. He was. All day long on Thursday. And you know what? I appreciate that. At a place like Augusta, you know, guys just decided I'm gonna be who I am. And I think that's worth noting. I like that. Are we concerned with Charles schwartzel at all? No, no, not the least. Is that are we moving? I would probably have that in my worst case scenario. For sure. What is worst case scenario? We've lived it once. We survived. I felt like, you know, will it was a little bit of that? Come on, man. I know there's an unpopular opinion. Will it be a cool story? Well, it was in the will. He was in the right. I'm being unfair. Fought his way all the way back. Will it get I wouldn't say I'm a massive will it fan? But yeah. Come on. He gets unfairly blamed for the Spieth collapse. It was not his fault. It was not yet. It's still not going to let him live it down. There was a very specific moment where I woke up from my jet lag nap and I saw it was Tiger was hitting his approach in a number 9. And he had the club drop and it was just it's not going well. And the leaderboard doesn't look good. And it's Schwarzenegger. And it's like, man, it's hiring a miss the cut and then we're going to get stuck with something that nobody wants to see. Like, is this going to be the most anti climactic masters of all time? They treat will it like he was Sean McHale or something too. It was like a top 15. He was a player in the world. 12 player in the world when he won the masters. So I don't care about Danny willett I would say, but you know, give the guy a little worse. That's fair. Give him respect, but I don't agree that it would be a good story. All the things that could play out this weekend, I would not put that up there as a good story. What's a better story? Danny willett, coming back from the wilderness or Shane Lowry somewhat arbitrarily winning a second major. Shane ladder. I think Lowry. I think he's more Irish people would go freaking ape shit. It'd be fun. Yeah. A new master's champion that will you guys know what a story? That's right. Yeah, be a good story. Randy's been taking. He will be interested in that. For their middle end of that story. Are you sticking around to watch the butler cabin ceremony if Danny will it wins? Are you doing it if Shane Lowry's wins? It would be about the same. I would say. I would watch it either way actually because it's always awkward. It's like the best part of the week. I think I agree with you. Yeah. Thank you. I think thank you for that. It's a set piece. It's like a sitcom. Didn't say it'd be interesting. I said it'd be fun. Yeah, exactly. Schwartz always worst case scenario. Is that what we're talking about? No, no. I feel that way. What's worst case scenario? Kevin na, Kevin na..

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