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Dot com slash rewards. You're with dean lane. I'm WTF. It's Saturday, September 24th. Welcome to the weekend, everybody. We've made it. One 38 in the morning at WTO field. They could weather all the age and what it breaks. Good morning to Ian Crawford with the Saturday morning of the WTO P traffic center. We start in the district we're trying to get out of it via canal road, the crash activity right near the intersection. In fact, right in the intersection with canal wrote and chain bridge road in northwest and the lanes are blocked in both directions. I believe the end banners are being diverted right at chain bridge road. You'll have to make that right on to chain bridge. You have to travel into Virginia to work your way around. Outbound I can now I think you're going to be diverted and Arizona avenue if you're not going to take that up to Macarthur boulevard and then take Macarthur boulevard out into the free state of Maryland on the rest of the district roadways. We appear to be in good shape. Maryland, there's a work zone westbound 50 coming off the bay bridge heading toward Annapolis, the work near sandy point state park, and it takes you to bay Dale drive, and it's a right lane to get mine. And then there's I 66 in Virginia with the multiple work zones westbound in 5 different spots mind you between Leesburg pike, which is exit 66, and suddenly road, which is exit 47. Yes, it's 19 miles of roads where at some point you're going to be down to single file traffic trying to get through all of the work that they're trying to do on the expanding I 66 project. And then eastbound is you've got your own set of headaches after 28 cerebral heading to the fairfax county Parkway, the left lane gets by and then east bounders before and after route 50, right lane gets by, the I 66 express lanes, the transponders should be active if not, they're going to be soon. If you're in those express lanes, make sure you've got your easy pass or your easy pass flex, or expect to love note from Virginia Department of Transportation on 95 the northbound work before and after falmouth is a right lane to get by almost got the joke out in the 95 northbound after before aquatic I should say the right lane is blocked by work. Ian Crawford traffic. Storm team four tracking your weekend, a very cold start. I'll say cold 'cause it's gonna be well below average. You'll need the jacket to step out the front door in the morning. High is doing the afternoon. Upper 60s to the low

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