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Global high yield with nine of the world's best bond managers, energy infrastructure, we covered other clean technology, energy and the medical dividends had a great week AST. Well, may God bless you and your family in the week ahead with peace and prosperity. Has a business owner. I love working with business owners, leaders and investors. I'm Spencer Mago and host of net worth radio dot com and my firm a gallon group asset management serves investors. Our track record Is it network radio dot com. But who better to do your plan than a fellow business owner and a leader? In the investment process. McGowan group based it the crescent. We can show you reliability and how to handle value at risk of loss and this market. In fact, I'd love to do a plan for you through 2030, especially if you own a business or you're planning on retiring McGown Group Asset Management can make the key difference. Just go two net worth radio dot com. Fill out that preliminary client questionnaire and we look Forward to our one hour brainstorming session network radio dot com. This has been network radio with Spencer Macallan, president of My Gallant Group Asset Management and Certified Investment Management analyst for an appointment with Spencer called to 14720.

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