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Hammer is here. Rob Kendall from the Chicks on the right in the Rob Kendall's transfer off the rails. How are you, sir? I'm great. It is a pleasure to see Verona Free Nigel back from your vacation. Thanks as always, to our sponsor garage doors of Indianapolis. So you brought something my attention while I was on vacation. Actually, I'd just gotten back previously. I thought the India and you know the deal. On the police mantra that we've been seeing around the country had kind of way. Hadn't seen that here in Indianapolis so much. I mean, I know it's maybe what was a motto of some of the protest that we saw downtown. But I hadn't seen any actual city County councillors talking about de funding the I m p D and you say, Now there's this this roundabout bill coming up talking about how possibly that that could happen. What is that, exactly? To my least favorite part of the show or after talking about All right. I am gonna get that right out of the gate, so they're not going to go through the front door leads to fund the police because people wouldn't have that even people in the African American community. The vast majority of people don't want any part of that so that I could call it defunding police. But there are ways to make it happen. And they started at the other night. With this proposal 1 96 which is the precursor to defund the police. It will ultimately take away money from law enforcement. It will give it to individual special interest groups. And they were smart. If I give these guys in the City County Council credit, then come out with themselves. But they totally distracted everybody because nobody's talking about it because I'm gonna paint black lives matter in Indiana Avenue, so that all came out of the same City County Council meeting. The headline was black Lives matter is going to be on the street near the Madam Walker Theater on Indiana Avenue. But quietly over here when nobody's paying attention, Thesixty County Council said We're going to allow our counselors toe allocate public safety money as they see fit. Now. Now people will say, Well, it doesn't actually take money away from the police. No, not this time. It doesn't physically take money away from the police. But it's a trial balloon. And this money could have gone to the police. There's not a money tree. Zach Adamson didn't plan on, um, money tree in his backyard. The money grew out of it. That's money that could've gone to the police. He's so what they're doing is they're essentially making these individual City County councillors chief of police in their own ward to use this money. I'm doing air quotes here as they see fit for public safety, and I feel like this whole survey that was sent out by the mayor's office about public safety kind of ties into this as well. Because they're going to say Well, the feedback we got from the quote unquote selected people that took this survey and what our city county councillors were doing. This is their way of defunding the police Now they're going to try to pull bull crap on that, But I've already put out there. Abdul and I have talked about it. We're going to a public records request on the surveys. We're going to find out exactly what was in the.

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