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Four degrees at Pittsburgh International at twelve o'clock, I'm Melinda. Roeder? The winter storm is closing in on us. Meteorologists are forecasting up to eight inches of snow for some areas. Especially north of Pittsburgh, the entire region should expect a mix of snow rain, and sleet, governor, Tom Wolfe is urging Pennsylvanians to stay off the roads if you don't have to go out into this weather, if you don't have to drive don't do stay home read a book in a message posted on Twitter wolf is also encouraging everyone to check on their neighbors, especially the elderly governor wolf did declare a state of emergency in preparation for the storm. State officials are also banning commercial trucks and buses from traveling on major highways from noon today until noon tomorrow turnpike, maintenance director, David Vento, tells Katie k ATV state police will enforce that ban as a way to reduce accidents involving heavy vehicles that just can't stop quickly on ice. They'll have. Extra patrols, you'll be monitoring the commercial truck traffic if they start having a problem. I'm sure they'll pull them over and making make him get off as soon as possible and all drivers will have to slow down. The state speed limit has been reduced to forty five miles per hour. During the storm the mayor of Bethel park has also declared a snow emergency that means parking and travel restrictions there the super blood wolf moon. It's a real thing. And it's happening this weekend. A full lunar eclipse will turn the year's first full moon of the wolf moon blood red as the earth's shadow travels across it Sunday nights moon will be super because it's closest to the earth in its orbit making it look a larger the eclipse will start around ten thirty tomorrow night with totality around eleven fifteen. The women's March is getting underway right now in cities across the country, including Pittsburgh. The Katie k radio's Shelby Cassese says the local event is receding backlash over its national partner. The national events sparked division when one of its co. Founders to make a Mallory refused to denounce antisemitic. Comments by nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan numbers of the Jewish community in Pittsburgh have criticized the local event saying they haven't done enough to separate themselves from the national organization. I e baton director of the Pittsburgh, March tells Katie KYW radio we've been blessed to work locally with Jewish women. And we maybe didn't happen around the country. The DNC backed out of sponsoring the event in Washington, DC, Shelby Cassese NewsRadio ten twenty. Katie k before leaving the White House this morning for Dover air force base where he will meet the families of the four Americans killed in the suicide bombing attack in Syria. President Trump spoke to reporters about the BuzzFeed report that alleged he directed. His former attorney to lie to congress about his real estate dealings with Russia. Trump expressed appreciation for the response to the BuzzFeed report by the special counsel's office, which last night issued a statement saying buzzfeed's description of specific statements to the special counsel's office and CARA. Documents and testimony obtained by this office regarding Michael Cohen's. Congressional testimony are not accurate the president described as a disgrace the coverage of the BuzzFeed report by mainstream media, which he also said we'll have a hard time recovering its credibility..

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Pittsburgh, Katie K, Pittsburgh International discussed on Pittsburgh Works

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