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Baking since nineteen sixty seven one of the biggest challenges he's faced low carb. Doe requests during the height of the Atkins diet craze. Dr. That's a nickname right there. How about this plenty of famous people got their start making a making and delivering pizzas Stephen Baldwin and Bill Murray. Both worked at pizza restaurants. Bill Murray would that had to be here. Right. Yeah. You'd imagine. Do we know where Bill Murray work does anybody know what pizza place Bill Murray worked? So yeah, they'd had to be here in town. And John Claude van Damme used deliver pizza. Hey, can I just say? Whoever came up with the idea. To have JEAN CLAUDE van Damme in these tostitos commercials. Should be given a promotion and a raise. 'cause those commercials are awesome. John called like the la- somebody in a meeting going. We need we need a spokesperson for tostitos. And some dude just goes about John Claude van Damme. No, man. Are you an idiot? Why because he's John Claude van Damme. I wonder if he delivered the pizzas doing the splits. Did you know that do, you know, the story of how John Claude van Damme got his first movie? Now, he he he walked into Golden Globes. His office, of course, going Globus cannon films. Responsible for some of the worst movies of all time be movies and action movies and horror, movies and stuff. The you know, if you saw the canon logo, but for a while, though, they were doing some interesting stuff there are actually distributing foreign movies and doing some anyway. So van Damme comes in, and he you know, he comes into the into. I don't know if it was Menachem Golan's officer a Representative or something he comes in. He walks in. He's got a bag with him. You know, and and he sits down, and he says, I think you should make movie with me. And like really, you think you think? Yeah. He goes he has you should make a movie with me. Jean CLAUDE van Damme. And so they're like why he's as well because of this. So it takes two chairs. Okay. And he separates them. And then he puts one leg on one chair one leg on the chair. And then he does the splits in bounces up and down between the chairs doing the splits. And then he takes a brick out of the bag brought in and smashes it over his head. And he got a contract. They were like, okay, we'll do bloodsport and then bloodsport turn out to be one of the greatest movies ever made. But that's how van Damme. God it maybe he went into the office of toast Tito's. And when you should make a commercial with me Zhong Vandamme why because of this and then he did the splits while eating tostitos. That's probably that's what I picture. That's how I picture the that's how I like to think it happened. The only pizza themed superhero movie to date is called pizza, man. It was released in two thousand eleven film stars Frankie Muniz as a pizza delivery guy who acquires superpowers from eating genetically modified tomato. Dan. Can you look up pizza man on the IMDB who else is in that? Besides Frankie Muniz like directed. It. The pizza delivery guy gets superpowers from eating genetically modified tomato. That sounds like must see. That's streaming on Netflix. Looks like diamond Dallas paid all God Dallas page. All right. Shelley long of man. Oh, man. Corbin Bernsen, Michael gross. Are you kidding me? Wow. We have a director director of is Joe Eckhart. No don't know. Well, there you go pizza man all star cast right there. Is the is the poster art ridiculous? It it is like a city skyline and he's towering above it. Standing out of what appears to be building made out of pizza boxes. Okay. Well, there you go everybody. It's the only pizza themed superhero movie tagline, he's taking a slice out of crime. He's saying a slice out of crime. That's really good. All right. Pizza played a role in helping police catch an alleged serial killer known as the grim sleeper in two thousand ten went undercover. Officer took a DNA sample from a slice of pizza. The killer had been snacking on at a family birthday party. Wow. All right. Pizza has also helped prevent several crimes in two thousand eight. When a pizza deliveryman in Florida was confronted by robbers. He threw the hot pizza. He was delivering at them. And then escaped harm. In two thousand and one Pizza Hut. Delivered a six inch salami pizza to the international space station. The first pizza delivered space. Six inch who the hell's that gonna feed? What did you not care about the people at the international space station? Do you want them to be in space and hungry? Six inch. That's not gonna feed anybody. And it's a salami pizza. You couldn't even get pepperoni. And then a little over a decade later in two thousand thirteen a group of NASA funded scientists invented a three D printer that could cook pizza and just seventy seconds. Literally spraying on flavor, smell and micro nutrients. Oh that sounds tasty. That sounds real appetizing. But at least it's bigger than six inches. Well, that's going to end up on the show next week. The US military lab recently, invented a ready to eat pizza that can last for up to three years. The pizzas intended for soldiers abroad who are creating a slice and presumably for anyone prepping for the zombie apocalypse, hold on a minute. Wait. Now our? Our?.

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