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In Jacksonville. Florida know what happened This guy was, on that don't, know anything about it Yeah I guess For Dan I'm not. Positive on? That, how awful Step up more on the. Mental health field with people. In stuff like that look. At this By trying, to reach out to people in the system is so bad when it comes. To that stuff And I just wanted to know what you guys was on that Well I initial thought is and can you turn down whatever your headphone or something because there's a lot of echo Can you hear me better now Oh I can hear you the. Problem is I'm hearing myself? Mark, can you. Just tell them. Yeah I'm. Gonna put him on hold ahead I'll give my thought my thoughts on this just like any other tragedy is it's a tragedy and I don't want to wind up trying to come up, with some sort of thought of here's how you solve it because there are so. Many. Things that nobody knows yet yeah I kind of to me mental health is certainly an issue in many, of these these situations but we're so far from figuring out even what mental health. Means It's just difficult and tragic go ahead Can you hear me I think he's trying to listen to us on the radio. Instead, of actually through his. Cell phone. Yep thanks for the call. Appreciate it I have a difficult time I don't know how to run this board and like put him. On hold the way that he does I just use the hold. Button, here that he can't hear them oh that's. The, way. To put somebody, on, hold, okay, great the numbers, eight, five, five. Four five zero three seven three three and. You know These. Shootings are going to continue you just got to be prepared for. This, America world the shootings are going on all. Around, the. World whether you're, talking, about, places, that have good, mental, health, networks. Are bad ones Places that have. Good gun laws or bad whatever you might people that they'll point to places like Britain that have very stringent. Gun laws and yes. There are per capita fewer. Shootings and Britain than there, are. In the United States but there are just as many if not more violent crimes in, Britain than there are in the United States the problem isn't guns the. Problem is at knives the problem. Is at baseball bats the problem is that you pulled. Don't respect humanity and respect the lives of other, people and there might certainly be some mental health problems in there as well But, just. Saying give mental health treatment does it go at the root cause of the problem and. I don't know how to get to the root cause of the problem Yeah Mental health treatment often means incarceration for people who haven't committed a. Crime and that's a very difficult thing for libertarians to to. Justify and if you if one does justify, it they're gonna have a difficult time, because, well there's gonna be some sad stories about those people who got incarcerated without having committed a. Crime most states have some kind of involuntary mental evaluation. Process I think in, Florida it's called the Baker act influenced the Baker. Act, I I've heard you talk about that before in. Pennsylvania I think they call it a three zero, two which is based on the sex of law that allows that to. Happen and a lot of this can just be if somebody winds up saying something that is construed as I'm going to hurt. Myself There's there's all those things there was a situation I remember a long Dokie when I was living in Sarasota where Two neighbors one was a. Psychiatrist The psychiatrist neighbor was upset with. The other neighbor. For something. Right Baker acted him And ultimately, they came back after the psychiatrists psychologists lady for. Whatever the situation was but that's that's the only way you ever hear about this how many people have been Baker, acted over sort of petty dispute or whatever the state equivalent is where you live right or whatever I know in Pennsylvania it happens quite frequently, I worked hospital security and I would have to. Go sit outside of. The emergency room area when psychiatrists. We're, talking to people to make sure if. The, person wound up getting violent security was there and a lot of it was just. Sort of off the cuff statement of I don't want to. Live on this planet. Anymore it's messed up. All I think daddy's gonna kill himself no daddy's expressing frustration. At people being idiots well maybe he. Just got done watching future Raba and he summoned his inner Hubert Farnsworth the earth isn't. Gonna stop being populated by idiots anytime soon I know I have I do have. Hope I, have sympathy for this small group primate called homo. Sapien I think that we're gonna make it I think we're gonna make it just buy the the hair of our, Cini chin Chin's Sure what that means what do you mean We're going to. Make, it I don't know what you. Mean oh it's likely Why aren't there aliens if. The galaxy or the you know the the? Universe is fifteen billion years old why don't why, haven't, we seen any aliens maybe they don't want to deal with us maybe but but maybe they. All blew themselves up into? Their own nuclear reactions because. They couldn't. Get along, why aren't there dinosaurs anymore vade it and make it? That's why, I mean what do you mean humans are going to. Make it I mean some point in the future humans. Will cease to exist it's. Going to be a long way. In, the future And at this point you can't predict what's going to do it it isn't gonna be the sun burning out.

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