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Harvey korman best known for his skits with tim conway on the carol burnett show was eighty one when he died ten years ago today the actor dennis hopper died in this day in two thousand ten and panamanian general and dictator manuel noriega died a year ago today he was eighty three those are some of the things that happened on past may twentyninth now fifteen past the hour it's time for the lovely devore cast from meteorologist dean devore's good morning dean christopher good morning we are waking up on this first day of work for some of the week with very warm conditions in fact much warmer than the actual holiday for places like new york up to boston gonna soar into the eighties today even portland maine syracuse pittsburgh philadelphia dc you're all going to warm up detroit also up to near ninety you were one short of the record yesterday at ninety four and you'll get up to about ninety today some isolated thunderstorms down to the south of in places like virginia and parts of kentucky today in the showers and thunderstorms extend down into the southeast we watched out berto come on shore so we saw all the problems with that and we're going to continue to see the problems of heavy rain in parts of interior alabama and georgia and also up into tennessee those are the areas that we're worried about more flooding actually maybe new flooding to occur we're going to watch the moisture from alberto for the next several days is it gets in trained into other system and kind of meanders around were see the great lakes get some showers and thunderstorms towards mid to late week and some of that moisture will get over into the northeast as we get towards the weekend creating unsettled conditions there meanwhile out west is hot hot hot phoenix all the way up to sacramento and up in the pacific northwest today a cool shot going in for seattle an eugene we'll keep you up to date on accuweather dot.

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