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I purchased at Lowe's to build a priceless, heirloom like a doll house or rocking horse. No, I know my daughter, she's giving heart. She wants the magical orange one to be bestowed with a gift in her name done father of the year. Enjoy the golf balls may be used to fight the evil purple line and happy birthday to emelina smoke Smith and Emily, no, on these, these are the AB is speaking of golf balls. Michael someone came in with with a box of golf balls golf. Now I've never heard of that. The apparently our European golf balls. I think they are just designed engineered in Germany. It's in a way. It's a way to get a premium golf ball to you. The consumer at a better price, much like much like Harry's razors. Maybe they bought the golf ball factor couple of regular guys, streak. Seto welcome back in a low from the home of the west coast. Surf sound nice to have you all back regularly. It feels like something's been missing. To the morning routine this summer. I wanna thank you for playing my friend, eve hells banned the four twenty sevens back at the end of may. I saw them perform recently in the spirit of semi a box of those. I'm sending a box of CDs, which we gave out to a lot of people the band's music. I know Mr Tony enjoys this kind of music. I don't think he does MP threes, but I'm hoping he's all right with compact discs. I have a CD player in my car. Sadly the band hasn't released any of music on cassette tape, vinyl eight track many of the other cast. If any other cats would like a copy, please feel free or add these to the prize closet. And this is, I guess, is this from Calgary? This is from county area. How does have surfing wave on the bow river downtown? If the twenty thirteen flood, a new contour was carved creating a surfer perfect permanent way under the ten th street bridge. Isn't that right? And Chris's correct? Stay gold is in reference to the outsiders. Yeah. So that was big old pony boy. Now we have also a book which I hold up for people to watch on news channel eight. This is called dogs, cats and sports. My friend, Matt Williams. Who is involved with the humane rescue alliance is involved with this book. And this is pictures of people who have adopted rescue dogs mostly athletes from this area. But I am in this book. And max shurer is in this book matches your sort of the lead dog on this whole thing, if you will. So this is very nice. It's very, very nice. I don't know if these books are for sale, but if they are dogs, cats, simply a picture book of like local your. Your friend that, okay. Itself abetting I think so this is part of that makes sense. Best part of that picture spread is one of my golfers who lives in the neighborhood walked by the house with his then puppy and ruined the photo shoot. So all I can think is while there's this lovely contained chessy on the front steps with the two of you, then she..

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